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Case Study; The Re-Branding of an Online Think Tank

Case Study; The Re-Branding of an Online Think Tank

The Think Tank we started a few years back got to the point that we needed to expand and go with the demand for new members or keep it small. Either way, we had to do some thing. After much thought we decided to try a little re-branding;

Our new title is The Online Think Tank (unless we decide to re-Brand it later to serve a greater audience or spin-off one division for a separate endeavor). You see our members believe we must resurrect the Geological Society of Europe and set up networks of Online Think Tank Chapters using the Internet, social online networks, forums, bulletin boards, Blogs, iPod Casting, video, online reading libraries, and ad hoc personal weekly meetings, etc. around the world, beyond the sound and fury so to speak?

BMPs will be borrowed, used and modified and looked at, then recommended to "government" hopefully limited and the government at whatever level could implement if so desired. Each solution in one area would help foster ideas, concepts to better in the next. This is work in progress.

As an entrepreneur, I am into winning, I do not do losing, so it must work. Today’s hurdle is keeping the Hackers away from the website and destroying it as we progress. Well I hope this case study in re-branding an Online Think Tank helps you in your quest to be the best in 2007.

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