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Your Word and Reputation, It’s Paramount – Auto Detailer’s Case Study

Your Word and Reputation, It's Paramount - Auto Detailer's Case Study

The other day I heard a tremendously interesting entrepreneurial story. It intrigued me personally because before retirement I was in the auto detailing business, I also franchised and created mobile car washing. The story goes something like this, and it is a decent case study to consider. Old man John Deere was putting together a trade show for all of his dealers, their convention it was coming to town. He put out a bid to all of the auto detailer’s in the area to see who might give him the best price to detail all of the tractors they were bringing in. You see they’d be coming by train and truck, and would be very dirty by the time they got to the convention showroom.

A gentleman and his son won the bid to detail all of these tractors. Unfortunately the gentleman was from the Bronx in New York, and he didn’t know anything about the size of some of these tractors and combines. When he figured on how big the tractors would be, he was thinking a small old-fashioned tractor that he’d seen in pictures. The heavy equipment they have now, many pieces are 25 feet tall, and the tires alone are well over 10 feet off the ground. He bid the cleaning of all of these tractors just a little bit higher than he would the detailing of a car.

It turns out it all worked out okay, because of one thing; reputation. In business it is paramount, you have to do what you say you’re going to do in business, that’s the right way to play it. If you don’t you won’t be in business that long anyway. Please consider all this and think on it.

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