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Case Study: Astral Projection for Beginners

Case Study: Astral Projection for Beginners

In 2011, 15 years old H – went to visit his Uncle’s farm in the North of England. H – was in the habit, when in bed getting ready for sleep, of turning so that he was looking at the night sky, deep into space. He was unaware at the time that this is one of the practices used to initiate an Out-of-Body experience.

Instead of progressively relaxing into sleep, H – felt a sudden paralysis come over him that was frightening. When he tried to shut his eyes, a strange tingling sensation began to spread from his chest to his head until his whole body seemed to be humming and vibrating. The sensations increased until " I felt like an airplane had crashed into my head" and just as quickly, the sensations ceased and was replaced with wave after wave or relaxed bliss.

H – felt amazing and more happy than he had ever felt before. Slowly he began to feel himself levitating in the air. Skeptical, he tried to turn over to look beneath him and was shocked when there was no body to turn, his point of view switched immediately and he found himself looking down on his physical body as it lay in bed – but his consciousness was floating several feet above his form.

"I saw myself laying there, and I felt this extremely strange feeling, like I suddenly knew so much which should not be known by any "normal" human being. I knew I was floating, so I could pass through, if I could pass through my physical body, surely I could pass through that physical ceiling right above me? So I did. I was gently floating up and down just above the roof, in complete amazement. I remembered how beautiful it was looking up into the star filled sky, and so that’s exactly what I did. And then once again I remembered I was floating".

In this controlled environment, the study proved that consciousness can be projected onto a virtual or unreal body form that the person sees as themselves. Further studies are being conducted in order to discover more about the mechanics of Astral Projection.

Questions to Consider.

1: What are you hoping to find / resolve in learning to perform Astral Projection?

2: Do you have a strong support system around you that believes in Astral Projection? If so, what are they like and who can you look to for what kind of support? If you do not have a good support system, what kind of support do you need to help you in your practice and what are some ideas for you to begin to build that kind of network?

3: Where did you interest in Out-of-Body Experiences originate? How did you discover it and what led you to begin to take this course?

4: What do you need to do to increase your ability to practice the techniques in the course on a regular basis: do you need to set aside a specific time? Do you need to find a quieter environment? Would creating a schedule for yourself help? Identify what you need to increase your chances for success, write them down and then act on them.

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