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3 Case Study Myths Debunked

3 Case Study Myths Debunked

Case Studies, also known as Success Stories, have long been used in the social sciences and in business text books. Currently some of the most influential companies – across multiple industries – use text-based case studies to market products and information. Now let’s take a brief look at a few of the fallacies out there.

#1 – Out of Fashion

It’s for good reason that these gems are among the top three methods of marketing that companies use. Top performing companies – You might wonder if you should spend your marketing budget on the creation of the latest trends in marketing such as infographics and video case studies (VCSs) instead of the classic text-based format. Infographics? Everybody loves these cool, quick sometimes quirky little snacks to grab when they don’t have time for a full meal. But as your mother told you, snacks are no replacement for meals. Video case studies? Everybody seems to love these too. Good VCSs run at 2-3 minutes on average. Multimedia snacks – infographics and video case studies – appeal to people. Although they are exceedingly stimulating and engaging, companies still by and large prefer the classic format of the written format.

Last Word

It’s undeniable that this marketing method is a strong force on the front lines. While they have been around for at least a few decades, in the past two years they have been among the top three marketing tools used by companies. And with increased buzz in recent months about the importance of story and authenticity in business, I believe case studies will gain even more traction. Lastly, although these chameleons can appear in various types of format, the classic text-based case study is still preferred by most companies.

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