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Have You Considered the Benefits of Essays?

Have You Considered the Benefits of Essays?

If you’re like many people, then you probably wondering exactly why colleges, universities, and high school still persist in making their students write term papers and essays. After all, isn’t it considered outdated? After all, with things like Facebook, and Google, anyone can find any information that are looking for with just the click of a mouse button. That said, you may want to take a moment and consider the benefits that essays can bring you as they are more than what you may at first think.

One thing to consider is that writing is still the main form of communication for the rest of the world. It just so happens that it is taken on more and more of a digital format between e-mail, SMS, and websites. In short, there is a lot on the web however the web still depends on the written word. And essays allow you to hone your writing skills and as such get better at communicating more efficiently and consistently. Another thing to consider is that the more you write the better you get so that writing in and of itself can become an enjoyable pastime and can even be a source of income for you should you wish.

Another thing that essays have when it comes to benefits is the fact that they allow you to hone a very important skill which is critical thinking. If you can’t look at a problem and think how to get around if you don’t have proper critical thinking skills that you will be at a severe disadvantage in today’s workplace where much of the work is in information. True, there will always be a part of jobs for those that wish to do manual labor however, more and more of the well-paying jobs are in the information field. And it is vital that you are able to write effectively.

Essays also give you the opportunity to hone your salesmanship skills as well. Consider for a moment that in the course of a term paper you are often asked to come up with a position or argument and then support that argument with facts. As such, you are being asked to sell yourself and convince the reader with hard evidence. This is similar to the sales process that you will find in TV ads, Yellow Pages, and many websites. Final thing that as this allow you to do is expand your vocabulary. This goes back to the previous point of communication. The more options you have with your words the better you will be able to communicate your position and the better should chance you will have at success.

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