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Be-Do-Have Principles Applied To Internet Marketing – Case Study

Be-Do-Have Principles Applied To Internet Marketing - Case Study

This is a brief case study with input from leading professionals in this industry. The so called Be-Do-Have principle is often used in conjunction with personal development and getting further in life. I have applied the same principles in a measurable way to get my Internet marketing efforts back on track.

What Happened?

Last year was great. I had a couple of very simple marketing pages and the only thing I worried about was keyword marketing using Google’s pay per click system. On a daily basis, I got over 400 clicks on my pages, good for between 8-10 qualified leads per day. Keywords included ‘home business’, ‘money’, ‘million’ for example.

Life was good! I got lazy.

Until November… Because it was then that I learned that the cost per click had skyrocketed from about $0.10 per click to $5.00, $10.00 and in some cases even $25.00 per click… Given the fact that about 30 clicks generate one lead, I was looking at a cost per lead going from 3.00 to anywhere between USD 150 to USD 750 PER LEAD!

I was dead!

I needed some serious shift in my options and strategy. Not willing to give up my business, I was forced to think outside the box again and restart my marketing efforts.

The ‘Be-Do-Have Principle’ in Action

If you have read my previous articles about Lifestyle Entrepreneurship, you probably know that I am a great believer in the Be-Do-Have principle.

In short: it requires that you concentrate on who you ideally would be and let the actions (Do) and the results (Have) follow logically. This eliminates a constant feeling of ‘lacking’ that tends to blocks positive action. It also eliminates endless analysis and procrastination, which is another sure cause of failure. I used to work my way through life using some kind of Do-Have-Be principle: if I you work hard (do), you will get the money (have) so finally, you can become the person you really want to be.

A 3-Month Objective

My three month objective is to start generating all my leads ‘organically’ again rather than from banners. These leads really are the best leads you can get as they represent people looking exactly for what you are offering.

I will simply keep doing what I am doing now and get better at it.

Key Lessons

1. Define what exactly you want your niche to be. If up till now you used keywords like ‘make money’ as your main theme, get creative and use something else for example ‘happy money maker’.

2. Design your theme around this topic using stories, content related to this. Get educated again if necessary.

3. Figure out who else in the top-10 is using your theme and figure out to whom they are linking. Create similar links as well.

4. Start writing blogs and articles. Make sure the content is again relevant to your main theme.

5. Keep it up. It is important to keep the effort going or you may experience a drop back again. Stay motivated and keep improving as you go.

For me, the Be-Do-Have principle works. Instead of time-consuming analysis and procrastination I started to work immediately and was able to take actions in line with my goals.

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