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Book Report: John Lockes Essay Concerning Human Understanding

Book Report: John Lockes Essay Concerning Human Understanding

Students may view book report as a demanding scholastic requirement. The most important thing for students to remember is that a coherent flow on the presentation of ideas would be helpful. Students can also explore interesting topics, which can prove to be eye openers in their understanding of concepts. Book reports are part of students lives in addition to essays, term papers and other coursework requirements. That is why they have no choice, but to explore and continue striving in order to pass their courses.
A good example of a book report material is John Lockes Essay Concerning Human Understanding. In this book, the theory of knowledge is lengthily discussed. Philosophy students can gain a different insight on the source of human knowledge. The four-part book went into a thorough discussion on how people develop their theory of knowledge. From this example, students can discover interesting things on how Locke views the knowledge theory and how he was able to arrive at this particular concept that continue to attract peoples attention.

In doing a book report, students can produce a comprehensive analysis of Lockes theory by compartmentalizing their discussions based on the books four parts.
Book I
Titled Of Innate Ideas, this part tries to debunk the Cartesian view of knowledge, which advocates for the separation of mind and body. Descartes take on knowledge is that understanding is a product of social participation. The book presents an argument against the probability of an inherent propositional knowledge and an argument against the probability of inherent ideas.
Locke then proposes his own theory of the origins of knowledge, an extensive explanation of which is found in Book II.
Book II
Experience brings to life mans knowledge. This may take two routes: either through the senses or through the minds contemplation of its own process. Ideas are also categorized as simple or complex. Simple ideas serve as building blocks of complex ones. The author develops specific subcategories based on these two routes.
Book III
Of Words puts emphasis on the philosophy of language, with an emphasis on ideas. Lockes theory of meaning posits that words are in fact ideas in peoples heads instead of representation of things in the external world. Again, comprehensive ontological discussion follows after the author attempts to provide his version on how human beings create general terms based on particular objects.
Book IV
Of Knowledge and Opinion finally presents the theory of knowledge, which is initially defined as one that treats most sciences, with the exception of morality and mathematics, ineligible. Locke believes that peoples concept of knowledge is established through strong external relations without being influenced by the external world.
In conclusion, Locke supports the continued data collection of the scientific community to achieve a better understanding of the world.
A book report such as this one would broaden the students perception of the world. This way, students can discover new ideas and learn about traditional and novel concepts. Thus, a book report can be a good start to learn new things.


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