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Writing for Money – Is it really worth it?

Writing for Money – Is it really worth it?

In these days of economic crises, where country after country is going into recession, any way of making money is acceptable. People who have lost jobs will desperately reach out for any kind of job they might find. And almost everyone turns to the internet to search for employment.

Online Jobs and Writing

A search for ‘online jobs’ will more than likely return a result that includes topics like ‘blogging’, ‘article writers’ with a little of ‘work online and make money writing’ kind of sites. And that is when most people try to find out more about it, even if they have never written a full article since leaving school. The general deduction is: I speak English, right? So how difficult could it be? Well, the answer is: ‘very’!

Article writing is not for everyone. Just because you speak, read and write doesn’t make you a good writer. And most importantly not all writers that work online really make money from writing articles. Knowing the language is a very small part of it. In fact, even if you couldn’t speak the language, you could buy articles, post and promote them and then make money – even more than the person who wrote the article.

Affiliation and Promotion of articles

It is the proper affiliation and promotion of the articles that turn them into money, not just the writing. Google’s Adsense, eBay, Amazon and Kontera are some examples of affiliations that can be used with almost any article. And the beauty of it – they are free. A subscription and inclusion of the ads or links in the articles allow for making money.

Promotion of articles is the driving of traffic towards your page. This can be done in two ways:

  • You can either make sure that the content is relevant, filled with keywords and in fashion. You can then send it through the SEO wringer – optimize it until it just can’t get tweaked anymore and then post it on the net.
  • Or you can do it the easier way: post it on article submission sites like ‘HubPages’ and ‘Triond’. Sites like these are already receiving plenty of traffic so that allows for your page to be displayed over and over again. Mix it with affiliation and you’ve got a money maker. The only problem is you’ve got to submit a lot of content to make a living on it.

Therefore, you can see that online writing is definitely for the fainthearted. It takes time, effort and definitely a passion to write. So, to answer the question ‘Is writing online for money really worth it?’ the answer is ‘Yes, but the worth is in the satisfaction gained from writing more than that of the monetary compensation.’

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