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Six Steps To A Successful Research Paper

Six Steps To A Successful Research Paper

Not everyone goes to college fully prepared. In fact, until you get there, you don’t really know what to expect. One thing you can be certain of, though, is that you will be writing plenty of research papers and essays. And your job in college is to please the professor. Here are some good rules to follow when you are preparing your next assignment…

1) Get A Grasp On The Assignment

Make sure that you have read through it carefully to understand the task at hand. It helps to make an outline of any main ideas, topic ideas and action words.

2) Choose The Most Simple Assignment

If your instructor gives you a choice, choose the research paper that best suits you; one that interests you and maybe you know a little about. This will greatly speed up the process and make it more fun. If you have no interest in the topic, it’s likely to show when you turn in your essay.

If you don’t like the assignment or any of the options, try to change it up to be ‘more you’. For example, maybe the research paper is to be about classical music, but you hate that style because you’re a rock ‘n’ roller. You’ve got it made! You could write your essay on the famous rock band "Yes". They applied a lot of classical music into their style and became leaders in fusion rock.

By showing various scenarios for them to ponder, you could leave the reader or listener thinking. Or, maybe answer the questions yourself by revealing your own hypotheses, thus creating your thesis. Any type of disagreement, alignment or resolution about your research could make a quality thesis statement if constructively done.


Remember, when you are doing your research, you are not trying to read complete books nor reference materials. You are doing a research paper, not a book report, so just scan for details and data you like or can use. Don’t bog yourself down, but also, don’t just report stats. Wrap it up in an informative package that’s easy to read and understand. Your paper should make the professor come away feeling smarter for having read it.

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