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A Case Study on Right Measure for a Bank

A Case Study on Right Measure for a Bank

After several articles written and distributed to subscribers of TQM Ezine Community, I have received several inquiries about what should be the right measures. Some have requested me to give typical case study on the usage of a Right Measure.

I appreciate the request and am more than happy to share with you some of the case studies on real life application during my consulting work with several organizations.

Case Studies A Dynamic Banking corporation has the following information:

Vision : To Be A Preferred Commercial Bank

Objective : To capture 10% of the market share

From the Vision and objective statement, it is obvious that the key measures established i.e. market shares is used to reflect dynamic Bank as a Preferred Bank.

Market Position; Market Share and Profitability

This case study is a typical business I came across. You may have noted that the three measures asked almost a perfect business scenario. If you are the shareholder, would you ask for similar measures?

Although I used a bank in this case study, the scenario is applicable to many other businesses. If you want to explore the Right Measures for your business, then drop me a note. We shall exchange ideas over email or blog

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