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Writing Science Fiction eBooks That Sell – Case Study in Strategic Positioning

Writing Science Fiction eBooks That Sell - Case Study in Strategic Positioning

Anyone who has ever set out to write a Science Fiction Book knows that it is a difficult task, but writing the book may well be the easiest part. Selling your book proposal to a publisher is no easy endeavor, especially if it is your first one. Let us look at a few of the Science Fiction eBooks that I am currently working on.

Just because I produced such eBooks does not mean anyone will be reading them, if I want people to read them, I had better give a nice hook to capture the reader’s curiosity. Additionally, if I am putting together a book proposal, I will be competing against others and only 1 in 80 book proposals makes it to second base. Below are some samples to give you an idea of the value of the hook:

1.) Human and Alien Civilizations – and the Emergence of Inter-Species Law – "Humans are Dangerous, but Alien Species dominate Technology – the struggle for resources, culture and the Freedom to Choose challenges all we know and changes the Surface of the Planet Forever"

2.) The Cubed Experience – "Advanced Virtual Reality Technologies challenge cultural norms and the first human trillionaires emerge, as chaos ensues and reality is turned on it’s head when the Cubed Experience is revealed"

The next day, the scientists in the present period wake up, it is Wednesday, so they go to worship, only to find that the day of worship is now Sunday. And some guy name Jesus is what everyone is worshiping and the scientists try to figure out what they did wrong and once they do, they do not tell anyone for fear of being persecuted by the masses or thrown in prison for using Military hardware and technology outside their scope of endeavors. You already know the rest of the story.

—- —- —- —-

Can you see how the reader of the book proposal is captured, and thinks to themselves, this is cool – this book would sell well. You see the bookseller, or publisher will be looking at your book proposal thinking about whether it will sell and if they will make any money, most books never get off the ground much less travel dimensions or through time.

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