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Case Study in Online Think Tank Discussions

Case Study in Online Think Tank Discussions

It is truly fascinating how online think tank discussions and Blogs of science and nature such as SlashDot.com and WorldThinkTank.net can have a relatively simple post or concept that turns into a giant round table discussion of Epic Proportions. For some this aggravating as hell, especially if you are the one posting and simply want to state an idea or concept. In this case study we will point out a post made by Warren Powers. The originator of the concept Warren, became concerned as too much new information he felt irrelevant had been added and he wanted to "KISS – keep it simple stupid" so to speak and therefore Warren stated;

The thread starts out pretty clear, direct, and simple. Then when anyone else reads the thread the departures begin. That is simply amazing to me. Seeing this is one of the longest threads I have ever been apart, I can see why projects rarely turn into products. It must be well defined, even written within human DNA to divert from the direction of the original concept. It simply must be in our DNA to do this.

Interesting indeed. Could one say that the human mind is set up to create complexity? Well that is a truism in many regards. In fact, the simplest of linear equations can turn into quite complex looking systems if you read Stephen Wolfram’s book discussing Mathematica.

Indeed, Warren could state this and be right, however the message within the message could have 100 meanings all left up for perception based interpretation. If one takes the message and interprets it 85 of a 100 possible ways then, wouldn’t that be the person who gets the most out of it? And one could say that the original message was in fact interpreted at least 85 ways in this particular instance and therefore it has propelled thought. Perhaps not the exact original thought, but new areas of thought occurred and well isn’t that what an online think tank is all about. The winner would be the reader who reads and understands, because simply reading does not guarantee understanding.

Warren of course is still concerned with all the information and diversion from topic and states; So, happy trails to this thread, it warrants not much more energy from me. The diversion from the original is overwhelming and is also an eye opener for me, the new-be as you say. I’m simply amazed.

Should Warren be amazed at how his simple concept turned into a 150 post thread surrounding his entire subject and topic? You decide and because; that my friends it the thought of the day?

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