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Tazer Case Study in Long Beach Proves Useful

Tazer Case Study in Long Beach Proves Useful

Due to excessive force used in an altercation in early 2002, a knife wielding woman in Long Beach died. When the use of a less-lethal shotgun that shoots beanbag rounds didn’t work in neutralizing the woman, a gun was used. This incident prompted the Long Beach Police Department to seek other less-lethal options to ensure that an incident like this was less likely to happen. The LBPD found Tazer guns and found their solution.

When the LBPD began using Tazers, the number of officers carrying them was limited. However, the results were so favorable that the LBPD began to purchase more and more Tazers for their officers. By 2006 the Long Beach Police Department had approximately 900 Tazers in use throughout their department with a small surplus available in case there were any technical difficulties.

These statistics aren’t just good for the police department. They are also good for the general public. When people see an altercation stopped by a Tazer, they aren’t as horrified as when a baton is used. The use of Tazers caused a one-third decrease in the number of complaints filed against the Long Beach Police Department.

The use of Tazer guns has come under scrutiny in some places. But if more case studies like this one are done, people would realize that Tazer guns are a better alternative.

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