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In a writer’s mind — From a Viking and Warrior to Today’s Creativity

In a writer's mind -- From a Viking and Warrior to Today's Creativity



997 A.D.

Chieftain Harald Magnus, is laid to rest in his personal boat. is 2 a.m on this frigid December. His main comrades of army are holding torches, that illuminate their ‘fashionable wool tunics, chain mails and helmets’ . Most are in tears and say words in Norse.

The smell is fetid, like they never took a shower. No one is able to write or read… Barely make runic inscriptions on nearby rocks. His body was exhumed and dug out from a made up grave yard. This premeditated action gave them time to follow up on their rituals. Captain trygve puts down his Sword, his axe from long gone battles, and a spear.

A slave woman or concubine that had sexual intercourse with the survivors, is stabbed around her ribs and is put next to Harald. Both are covered with stones and set on fire. This way the path to the afterlife will be quick and Odin will bless the Journey. But how did he die? Let’s see…


Harald Magnus, was having a break from recognizing the area on this western Scottish area. On top of a hill he realizes in awe that this is a new land to lay his hands on. The ocean is there and the green pastures an excellent source for stock breeding.

His celebrations lasts deep into the morning. He falls sleep ans something happens like a sign of the beginning of the end..of his life. He leaves his vase made of horn is visited by a rodent who loved sweetness. But oh my..! This little visitor happens to be reminded of a nature’s call and leaves its scent inside Harald’s drinking Horn.

The next morning Harald’s Commander in chief, Leif Voltar, happens to visit his tent and invites him to finish a beverage that one of his lieutenants made with ox’s blood and certain roots. That was the biggest mistake.!

Harald’s life started to crumble. He could not hold any food and eventually died of a rare disease, that not even his close sorcerer could prevent.

On his last days, his lips fell off and his stomach turned into a deadly color. His inside was consumed by what future medieval inhabitants will call ‘the black death.’

OCTOBER 19th 2011



"It is announced the finding of the first intact burial of a Viking War lord. He was found with his main weapons: a shield, an axe, a spear…and a drinking horn… "

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