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An Essay on Mr. Will Durant

An Essay on Mr. Will Durant

(Durant and his book: "The Story of Civilization") You may be asking, ‘What does Will Durant, the writer of ‘The Story of Civilization,’ have to do with me, Dennis L. Siluk. It seems he and I had a long relationship, although we’ve never met one another. Let me first outline in the shortest of terms, Will Durant, and his wife Arial.

Will Durant was born 1885, and died 1981. His most famous writing was that of "The Story of Philosophy," which sold 200,000-copies in the 1920s. He started writing it as chapter, Blue Books, putting them all together between 1923 through 1926, and making it a volume (it took him three years to write the book).

Between 1915, and 1929, he was dreaming of making a five volume set of history books, mixed with philosophy, in the following years he traveled the world. In 1929 to 1975, he would continue to write an eleven volume set of history books called, "The Story of Civilization." It would remain a ten volume set until 1975, when he finished after four years, writing the 1500-page book which was cut down, on Napoleon.

This was not his last book, rather his Dual Autobiography which took him two years to write, was his last work to my knowledge, published in 1977, and he of course died in 1981, four years thereafter.

The first of his volumes was started six years before its publication date, and were 1,049-pages long, dealing with Oriental History, published in July of 1935.

Well, it didn’t stop there, I left Germany and the Army in 1980, and again, lost track of my set of history books by Durant, and in 1981 ordered a new set while doing graduate studies at the University of Minnesota I kept that set until 2005, when I sent 500- books from my Minnesota Library to Lima Peru, for my new library in my home there, the books never made it, I had sold them to a friend, and they were too heavy. Anyhow, that was my forth set.

Now it is 2007, and I have ordered my 5th set, along with his Autobiography, and ‘The Story of Philosophy’ thus I once again will have my whole set intact.

It is funny how things work out. I never had a signed book by him, but now I got one, that also is a treasure. So I hope this little essay, if anything, has inspirited you to read whatever your heart desires, it is for me the best past time in the world, and his history of civilization, is unique.

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