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How to charge as much as One dollar per word as a new freelance writer

How to charge as much as One dollar per word as a new freelance writer

If you are looking to make money in the freelance business, you need to know how much you are worth. Even before you start looking for jobs, or start promoting your business, you have to do research, and find out what your own business is worth.

Charging by the Day or by the hour?

One of the first things that any freelancer has to know is just how much their work is worth. Freelancers should do their research, and see just how much projects, or articles are charged online, and how much other freelancers are charging for their own services.

Freelancers can charge by the day if they have a big project due. This is of course if the freelancer agrees to this, and the client does also. Many freelancers charge by the hour, because they work for more than one client. It all depends on how much time the freelancer has, and how much they charge on separately.

Freelancers can also do BOTH. Depending on the client, and how much work the writer has to do. This is all about balance, and knowing that all of your hard work will be paid off at the end. You have to know what your strengths are, how much research and work you have to put into each project, or article, and finally how much time you are going to spend working on the project.

In order to make a living from freelancing -or enough to live- a person needs to know where to go to find jobs, or where to go in order to sell their writing and put their own price on their work. Most freelancers that actually do their research before they start working do two things right off the bat: They make or work on a blog or website and they make sure they put a price on their work. As any new writer may see on the hundreds upon hundreds of freelance writer’s websites that there is out there, many writers have extremely high rates, or have packages where they do a lot of work for one fixed price.

Many people say: well, they have been in business so long, of course, they should be paid these prices.

What to take into consideration when Setting a price.

  • How many hours do you work on a single article?
  • How many words do you write per article?
  • How many articles can you write a day?
  • How many words in a SEO article do you write?

These are just some of the questions you have to consider when you are setting your prices. Basically: Everything counts! Remember, you are living off of your business, so you have to take everything into consideration.

Many writers make their living charging per word. Some go as little as .15 a word, others go as high as $1.25 per word on special articles such as SEO, SEM, and long paper type articles. So, its all about what you think your work is worth, and what it takes for you to make money.

Do your research, and update your BLOG.

As you start working on your business, you will find out that it can be easier for clients to reach you, than have you search for clients. This means that you need to do your research, and update your blog just as often as you get approached by a client so that you offer your most recent prices on your blog.

When clients reach you is because they are interested in the services that you offer. This means that you need to have your blog or website up to date so that you don’t settle for less money than what your work is worth.

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