Is the new Harlequins codex what we expected? Come see our rules breakdown this is the Masque Form for you. 40k FF Harlequins Solitaire. In the new Harlequins codex, this is reflected by a choice of six Masque Forms that provide some powerful – and unusual – bonuses to your. This is the current Edition’s Eldar Harlequins tactics. 7th Edition .. As per Codex, Veil of Tears affects only your Infantry units, so no -3 to hit for your Bikers and Star -/Voidweavers. Beware of potential 40k rulebooks flying into your face.

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Overall an okay discipline, but it requires a lot of careful thought to utilise properly. The single most expensive HQ choice for the Eldar, the Yncarne clocks in at a whopping points to field, equipped with nothing but Vilith-shar, the Sword of Soulsan awesome weapons that is S6 AP-4 DD6 with re-rolls to wound.

Warhammer 40,/Tactics/Eldar Harlequins(8E) – 1d4chan

It’s a Tax, but all three characters are in a good spot now. While the 8″ of movement it has may harlqeuins seem particularly fast, the Yncarne also has the unique ability to teleport to the location where any squad friend or foe is killed, so long as it is at least 1″ away from enemy units.

There aren’t any named Harlequins with harlequin right now, but since you can field Harlequins in an Ynnari force, the Ynnari named characters harlequijs listed here. Retrieved from ” https: You can freely mix and match within a single unit – no target exists for which this is better than a loadout designed for that target, so this is inferior to specializing your units and sending them against the targets they’re good against, but on the other hand, a mixed unit of Embraces and Caresses will do reasonably well against whatever your opponent throws at you.

Possibly out and out the best of the three for a Harlequin Ynnari detachment if hadlequins going for the one with the main argument for the other two being price alone, but this girl is worth every single point on her own.

Effectively, Ynnari Harlequins are more destructive, but regular Harlequins are more likely to make it into close combat in the first place. The Kiss hits at the same strength as the Embrace, but at 2 worse AP and more damage double against anything with 3 or more woundsall for a point more, meaning it works codeex against multi-wound models with invulnerable saves, which pretty much relegates it to fighting characters.

GW has to sell that box set I guess. Now actually 440k better combatant than Yvraine. Broadly speaking, the best powers to take on 2 Shadowseers are Webway Dance and Veil of Tears on the Shadowseer in the back and Twilight Pathways and Fog of Dreams on haelequins one in the front; if you only have 40, Twilight Pathways and Veil of Tears are probably the best combo intrinsically, letting you get 1 thing you want in position and hard to hurt, but your mileage may vary.

  GMW 15049 PDF

Badly positioned, they’ll still quickly die to the enemy’s firepower, but with proper planning you’ll be laughing all the way haarlequins the circus. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. Ads by Project Wonderful! In 7th, taking Code as Ynnari was almost flat-out better, as you lost nothing to gain Strength from Death. It lets you Advance in the Movement Phase while still being allowed to Charge just like the formation bonus of the same name from 7th but starting Turn 1which is harlequnis useful already.

In 8th, though, ocdex lose the benefit of Rising Crescendo, an extremely useful tool for securing charges 4k0 performing counter-charges. It can find some use fighting T4 multi-wound models such as Primaris – remember that the average of 1d3 damage is 2, not 1. Note that you lose this rule if you field Harlequins in a Ynnari force. Ynnari [ edit ] The Visarch: No longer a mandatory tax, so now the real question is are they worth taking? The Yncarne cannot charge after arriving in this way as his rule prohibits it, so you ideally want him popping up on your opponent’s turn.

General Movement Psychic 7th Fortifications. The following is very true if you’re being sensible and only taking the one Ynnari detachment, but if you do go for a full three Ynnari detachments you crazy sod you then you have to take him, and there aren’t many ways he can be useful since he’s not a strong supportive choice like Yvraine or the absolute murder the Yncarne can be.

All in all she’s good but the above might mesh better with your clowns. Put Kisses on models who will be character killing and leave it at that, though it now is hharlequins a situational alternative to the Embrace and Caress. Of course, this advice is worth sod all in a blind match-up, so take whichever weapon counters what you are most afraid of, harleqyins if you fight an army who the weapon is not designed for it is not a huge loss, as both weapons perform very closely to each other.

She also lacks the speed of your dudes unlike the Shadowseer who’s powers are more suited for supporting your dudes, the Shadowseer also has a stratagem to reposition her anywhere on the field if needed and you have your fight twice stratagem of you REALLY need to make sure somethings dead or don’t want to use that Soul Burst action.

With the Haywire and Prismatic Cannons change from Heavy to Assault, you’re now a little more accurate with your shots while on the move, and can even advance for laughs. Point for point, the blade was best against wyches, and the embrace was best against kabalites, but other than harkequins the caress is most effective AND most cost effective.

Warhammer Tactics 8E Warhammer Tactics. Where as she’s an excellent support character with her psychic powers and fits rather naturally in a Craftworld or Dark Eldar Ynnari detachment she finds a bit of friction in a solely Harlequin Ynnari army. The linchpin of any Ynnari detachment, Yvraine costs points and is exclusively armed with Kah-vir, the Sword of Sorrows basically a Force Axe stat-wise. The caress was hands down the best option, even if you factor in the additional point.


The kiss was never the best weapon in any scenario, even against multi-wound terminators. Special Characters [ edit ] There aren’t any named Harlequins with rules right now, but since you can field Harlequins harleqhins an Ynnari force, the Ynnari named characters are listed here. With 6 codxe, 7 with the 40l Warlord Trait, whatever it is hitting is dying. The Caress works better against T5, T8, and T9. The high AP makes it better against high armour saves, but not invulnerable saves.

His sword hits harder than cdex kiss and has a leadership debuff and at A 5 6 with the relevant warlord trait if you took him as your WL you insane bastard something is gonna feel the hurt but he lacks the reroll to wound bubble your Troupe Master has which hurts a bit, but this still hits rather hard, is scary to characters, elites, and can put the hurt on hordes.

They’re extremely fast, surprisingly difficult to kill with proper support, and hit incredibly hard in Assault, quickly chewing through MEQs with mass high-strength, decent AP attacks. Know what you’re likely to be facing and build your Harlequins accordingly.

Haarlequins must now be pure Craftworlds, Drukhari or Harlequins detachments only. As with any Ynnari Psyker, she can use Strength From Death to cast a Psychic Power, the most useful of which will probably be Word of the Phoenix, assuming you haven’t cast it already, as this lets her “pass” the Soulburst trigger to anything you like, even if your opponent has been avoiding letting something react.

Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Eldar Harlequins(8E)

However with the Ghost Clowns he can prove useful if less than hyper efficient, just stick him in a clown car with 5 murderous comedians with fusion pistols and embraces. I performed some math hammer, pitting Troupes against space marines, terminators, death guard, dg termies, ork boyz, wyches, and kabalite warriors. Use your Dark Reapers to nuke some squishy back-line unit, then have the Yncarne teleport behind enemy lines to hit’ em where it harlequns Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view.

You can no longer take Ynnari detachments with mixed narlequins due to changes to the Army of the Reborn rule. Views Read Edit View history. This is the Harlequin equivalent to the Craftworlder’s Battle Focus plus extra, being more suited to the CC-oriented murderclowns.

The embrace came second overall. Your ad here, right now: