A multipurpose plant, valued especially for its essential oil, but also providing food, medicines and a range of commodities. It is widely cultivated in tropical. Abelmoschus moschatus is a weedy, herbaceous plant that is native to India, parts of China and tropical Asia, and some Pacific islands. Abelmoschus moschatus. Malvaceae. Medik. LOCAL NAMES. Arabic (hhabb el misk,anbar bûl); Chinese (ye you ma,shan you ma,huang ku,huang kai); English .

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EPPO Bulletin 36 3 Hibiscus pseudabelmoschus Blume Hibiscus ricinifolius Wall.

Abelmoschus moschatus

An emulsion from the seeds is considered to be anti-spasmodic and is used externally. Plants For A Future can not take any responsibility for any adverse effects from the use of plants. Stem, petiole and the underside of the leaf blade clothed in scattered, clear, sticky, spherical glands.

This paper came to the conclusion that A. Presl Abelmoschus marianus C. Only comments or links that are felt to be directly relevant to a plant will be included. Ripe seed capsule Photograph by: Petals or corolla lobes about mm long, centre of the corolla red. Leaves are alternate, rough, hairy and heart-shaped.

Stem clothed in long mm translucent hairs.

A paste of the bark is applied to cuts, wounds and sprains[]. Right plant wrong place. However, it has been known to cause photosensitivity so this use has been largely discontinued[]. Musk mallow seed oil was once frequently used as a substitute in perfumes for animal musk ; however this abekmoschus is now mostly replaced by various synthetic musks due to its high cost. Valued as an ornamental plant due to its colourful and attractive flowers Magnolia Gardens Nursery, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Some basic information on A. Informations on Abelmoschus moschatus has been recorded for the following locations. An emulsion made from the seed is antispasmodic and is especially effective in the digestive system[4, ]. The seeds are added ablmoschus coffee; unripe pods “musk okra”leaves and new shoots are eaten as vegetables.

You will receive a range of benefits including: The essential oil is used in aromatherapy for the treatment of depression and anxiety[]. Leaves are extremely variable in shape and size, in outline mostly circular to transversally elliptic, at base usually heart-shaped, angular, or palmately lobed.

All plant pages have their own unique code.

The seeds are used as an insecticide[4, ]. It is fried or roasted and has a flavour similar to sesame seeds[].

List of Fact Sheets Glossary. It is cultivated in India for the musk-like oil contained in its seeds, which is valued for perfume manufacture.

Abelmoschus moschatus – Useful Tropical Plants

When large enough to handle, prick out the seedlings into individual pots of rich soil and plant them out after the last expected frosts[K]. Comments have to be approved before they are shown here. Sun Mar 25 Seeds reniformlongitudinally striated.

Abelmoschus moschatus is a weedy, herbaceous plant that is native to India, parts of China and tropical Asia, and some Pacific islands.


Ecology, synonyms, common names, distributions Pacific as well as globalmanagement and impact information. Retrieved June 14, Just one main quibble is the silly way of having two separate entries for each plant. Presl Abelmoschus marianus C. Abelmoschus moschatus is a perennial herb or 2 m tall shrub that occurs across coastal areas of northern Australia and along the east coast to South Stradbroke Island.

Sat Mar 28 Describes research on the production of different commercial varieties of A. Department of Agriculture, Western Australia. Flowers resemble those of the hibiscus and are usually watermelon pink, although they are sometimes white or cream in colour. Tolerates a pH in the range 6 to 7. These flower in the summer[]. This Malvaceae article is a stub. Guidelines for the management of invasive alien plants or potentially invasive alien plants which are intended for import or have been intentionally imported.

This is a QR code short for Quick Response which gives fast-track access to our website pages. Details of Abelmoschus moschatus in information.

Unripe seedpods – cooked as a vegetable in much the same way as okra A. Used as a vegetable[]. Good descriptions of the plants with terse notes moschahus their uses. The seeds are valued medicinally for their diuretic, demulcent and stomachic properties. Please view the copyright link for more information. John Brock, Winnellie, Darwin.

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