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My GTV transistors read vastly different though, which isn’t surprising given that the spec hFE of is at 10mA emitter current whereas the geofex circuit feeds about 20 times less than that. Info about building and modding: All i know is the lots i datasheett didn’t specify the Hfe like the one you linked to.

AC128-01 Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search

Previous 1 2 Discussion in ‘ General Electronics Chat ‘ started by stoopkidAug 8, I’ve bought them in bulk off of ebay from a seller in Bulgaria i think twice, ’cause they were cheap lots and it wasn’t much to lose in case it wasn’t what i needed. Fuzz simulation – Ge Transistor. Oh just a small side question, do any of the components in that schematic require especially high voltage or wattage ratings?

After being passed around a few times, all the decent transistors are gone and you’re looking at a big bag of crap.

Most Active Software Boards: Does everyone pretty much stick to ebay or are there other good sources? Find out in this Teardown Tuesday! As you can see, transistor gain gets pretty complicated sometimes, at least to me. At the current specified in the datasheets? You gave me some good topics to google and learn about.


High gain low leakage low noise germanium transistors are practically unicorns now. That seller names rings a bell though, but i can’t be sure.

All Newmarket Transistor circuits datasbeet chip transistors, diodestransistor packages. I’m working on a guitar pedal that calls for a ac germanium pnp transistor and I was wondering why I might not want to just get a modern equivalent.

Ifstate of the electronics art permits many of the transistor parameters to be designed for various types. Aug 9, 9. Although I do not play guitar, there is a forum called “diyAudio”, maybe they have some Germanium Transistor Spice Models for this particular type of fuzz simulation. No file text available. I was looking for an equivilent to AC transistors. transistkr

ac128 germanium pnp transistor

They’re made in China. Mar 21, 38 2. A team of daatasheet from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel have developed a single photon source that is not only compact, but also operates at ambient temperatures.

I lucked into this quite some time ago: Looking for troubleshooting help? The L on the pots means linear. It depends on the circuit. You can also go to ebay and search for “transistor tester” and there are a bunch of devices where you traneistor just plug the transistor in and it’ll tell you gain and leakage and which leads are base, collector, or emitter. I can’t believe it!! You May Also Like: PNP transistor issues Posted by abcinc in forum: See, here’s the thing: They datqsheet surplus, mostly from radios and other basic applications.


They vary according to the current that goes through them and temperature, of course. Germanium has slightly different characteristics from silicon. Try to see if it’s in the manual. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. With a DMM using a different current? Please read this first! Yeah, that’s what I’m trying to achieve. That is vastly different and when I figured out how to modify the circuit for what I needed the measured gain was right in spec after all.

Sellers that have stock are very likely to conceal their sources at all costs. RCA H Abstract: Germanium transistors have been out of production and valuable to pedal builders for a long long time.

AC Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search. Transistor Catalog

It also restricts design freedom to those types available in S OT, ‘matchstick’, andused in the prototypes as over-specification increases cost. I don’t know where to get them in small batches. Aug 8, 3. Not a lot higher, but at least in spec.

Submit a new text post. I don’t have a signal generator at home so I can’t reproduce the dxtasheet, but when I modified the rest of the parameters my MP39B transistors read higher than when I had tested them on the geofex circuit.