Ageratum houstonianum, commonly called floss flower, is a frost-tender annual of the aster family that provides continuous bloom for beds, gardens or. A. houstonianum is an annual herb native to Mexico and Central America. It was brought to Europe shortly after its discovery, where its use as. There are many cultivars available of this fast-growing annual. They are best used as bedding, edging, or container plants. Panicles of blue, pink, purple.

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Ageratum is a Linnaean name derived from the Greek a notand geras old agereferring to the long-lasting nature of the flowers.

Usually occurs in non-wetlands, but occasionally in wetlands. History of Introduction and Spread Top of page A. Alternative Plants to Consider. Pacific Island Ecosystems at Risk. For example, blue billygoat weed Ageratum houstonianum is one of only a few introduced species that have colonised undisturbed or relatively intact open forest vegetation within Brisbane Forest Park. Garden Uses Shorter varieties are excellent as bedding plants, edgers along paths, walkways and border fronts and container plants hanging baskets, window boxes, urns or houstinianum containers.

Tortricidae in an apple orchard. Ageratum houstonianumcommonly called floss flower, is a frost-tender annual of the aster family that provides continuous bloom for beds, gardens or containers from late spring to frost. Alternatively, seeds can be sown in the garden after the last frost date. Botanical Gazette, 72 5: Chemical composition of the essential oils of Ageratum houstonianum Mill.

Ageratum houstonianum (Floss Flower)

Nectar sources for Eumaeus atala Lepidoptera: Newsletter Get the latest how-to and design inspiration articles plus special offers sent straight to your inbox.

Vernonia Cyanthillium cinereum leaves have finely-toothed i. The narrow lanceolate bracts are pointed, denticulate only at the top and glandular hairy. To squeeze out every last bloom and extend the flowering season, always deadhead the flowers when they’ve finished. Veterinary and Human Toxicology, 46 4: Its botanical name is Ageratum houstonianum, coming from the famous 18th Century Botanist, William Houston.


Habitat terrestrial New England state Massachusetts Specific habitat man-made or disturbed habitats.

ageratumm Spent flowers will fall to the ground as they fade to be replaced by new bloom throughout the growing season. The Ageratum houstonianum or Floss Flower as it is more commonly known, belongs to the Asteraceae ageratjm – the same very special family to which the Daisies, Asters, Gerberas, Chrysanthemums and so many others all belong. Gardeners dictionary, 8th ed Missouri Botanical Garden, The naturalized flora of Hong Kong: Facts About An annual introduced from Mexico and Central America, Houston’s whiteweed is an escapee from cultivation in Massachusetts and possibly elsewhere.

If you desire a splash of pink, white, or blue in your gardenreplace hhoustonianum plants each year. Reported as of one of the species of most concern, as a transformer and an invasive in other countries. And the flowers are great to cut and bring into the house, although they are not perfumed.

Ageratum houstonianum (Floss Flower)

Impact on Biodiversity The dense ground cover and colonies of A. Annual flower plant growth as affected by soil-incorporated herbicides. Plants may not bloom to frost in some hot summer climates, but usually do so in cooler ones. It loves water but it is very forgiving if you forget occasionally. Ageratum houstonianum is toxic to grazing animals, causing liver lesions.

Weeds of Australia – Biosecurity Queensland Edition Fact Sheet

An old favorite with its fluffy round clusters, Ageratum houstonianum Floss Flower is one of the few annuals to tolerate light shade. It can be particularly invasive along waterways and in riparian vegetation Weeds of Australia, Tolerates light shade, and prefers some light afternoon shade in hot summer climates.


Both species can be difficult to differentiate in the field and in herbarium collections Sharma, Johnson, ; PIER, The description of these plants has been written based on numerous outside resources. Sheldon Navie branched clusters of flower-heads at the tips of the stems Photo: The cultivated varieties include tetraploids and hybrids Johnson, It also appears on local and regional environmental weed lists further south i.

Ageratum houstonianum (Houston’s whiteweed): Go Botany

A contribution to our knowledge of the wild and houstonianmu flora of Pennsylvania. Seed may also be sown directly in the garden after last frost date, however flowering season will be shorter late summer to frost. They readily become attached to animals, clothing and vehicles and may also be spread in contaminated agricultural produce.

Exact status definitions can vary from state to state.

How to Prune Hydrangeas. Molecular characterization of a begomovirus and betasatellite causing yellow vein net disease of Ageratum houstonianum. Buy Ageratum houstonianum Floss Flower. If you look at the photos below and click to enlarge them, you can see what happens as the tiny buds unfurl.

Floss flower is not particularly choosy about soil conditions but does not do well in soggy conditions. The herbicide diphenamid, applied to the soil reduces the growth of the species Adamson and Crossley, It doesn’t need that much attention.

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