The axolotl is on the brink of annihilation in the canals of Mexico City, its . A Mexican national who went to school not far from Xochimilco, she. In extremely rare cases, an axolotl will progress to maturity and emerge from the water, but by and large, they are content to stay on the bottom of Xochimilco’s. Download Citation on ResearchGate | El ajolote de Xochimilco | Ambystoma mexicanum o Axolotl es un anfibio endémico de México. La actual problemática .

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A xochimiloc amphibian, it retains features from its larval stage during adulthood like those people who never seem to grow up. This happens because its life in the lake is very laid back, so why evolve. They are about 10 inches long and have three pairs of gills growing hairdo-like back out of their heads.

They have tiny eyes and feet with little I-want-to-die toes. They are most commonly dark with brown and white spots. In captivity there are albinos, all pink and so cute the photo editor for this article is totally taken by them.

The species is endemic to lakes in the Valley of Mexico, especially Xochimilco. Their polluted habitat, as well as the presence of new predatory species, like carps and tilapias, have put ajollote in danger of ajolotee.


For conservation purposes, plastic netting has been used in the lake in Xochimilco to isolate them in areas for reproduction. The project also regenerates native plantsand ahuejotestrees whose roots create natural contention walls.

Since they reproduce easily from to eggs xoxhimilco each matingthere are plentiful colonies of ajolotes in captivity.

File:Ajolote de Xochimilco.JPG

Since its appendages its little feet and little hands and even vital organs, such as the brain and heart, can regenerate in months, it is used as a model for developing limbs in vertebrates. It can also undergo transplants and modifications, though xochimilci piercing art. An experiment was done in which two ajolotesone black and the other albino, were cut in half laterally and sewn together.

The creature survived and healed very well. Ajolotes are actually Xolotl, the Aztec god of death, resurrection ajollote play. As the legend recountsXolotl refused to be sacrificed to the Fifth Sun, fled and turned into a corn plant. He was discovered and ran away again. After taking the form aolote a maguey leaf in a maguey field, he was found and this time escaped to the lake, where he tried to turn into a fish.

The executioner trapped and killed him. In it, after obsessively studying an ajolotethe narratorends upturning into one.


InRoger Bartra published a beautiful book, Axolotiada. Vida y mito de un amphibian mexicano Life and Myth of a Mexican Amphibiana collection of narratives and illustrations on ajolotes. The ajolote has evolved to other cultures, like that of Japanese otakus.

Those amphibians were the inspiration for one of the most famous pokemons: Mudkip, who has a crest resembling ajolote gills. Meanwhile, a festival of yuru-kyara life-size mascot characters in Japan brought fame to Lupita the Ajolotathe creation of Japanese Otoka Moriwaki who lives in Mexico. She designed Lupita as a support for Redes, a civil association working to clean up the lake in Xochimilco.

The idea of creating an ajolote mascot had to do with the fact that this particular amphibian is very popular in Japan and was even an icon for a brand of ramen.

File:Ajolote – Wikimedia Commons

Find out more about her at her page https: A real jack-of-all-trades creature! Prev May Day Planner. Next Noma in Tulum: Dde the Finest Cuisine in the Mexican Rainforest. Subscribe to Our Emails.