José Antonio Fortuny is the author of Alehop ( avg rating, 25 ratings, 12 reviews, published ) and La Solidaritat no Degenera ( avg rating, 1. Alehop novela de José Antonio Fortuny. likes. Novela escrita por José Antonio Fortuny. Alehop novela de José Antonio Fortuny. likes · 1 talking about this. Novela escrita por José Antonio Fortuny.

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Your email address will not be published. Verne continues here with his personal formula, combining scientific disclosure and his passion for adventure fiction. Five weeks in a balloon-Jules Verne. In order not to live so apart from reality….

The plot of this story fortuyn in the mid-nineteenth century when a wise eccentric English explorer named Samuel Fergusson decides to cross the African continent accompanied by his faithful servant Joe and his friend Dick Kennedy. And, the thing is that in this novel, Fortuny tells a story with a sad undercurrent even if it is told with humor.

Nevertheless, after several days of not knowing the whereabouts of the expeditionaries, several British ships begin their quest, finding only remains of the balloon, which seems to have suffered a new and fatal accident. Your email address will not be published.

As you would expect in a novel by Jules Verne, during the five weeks of the journey the protagonists will be involved in many adventures. So Jules Verne a tireless literary traveler, could not leave aside the fact of writing this book, one of the most perfect of all his productions.


I assure you it is not easy to make a social criticism so fierce at the same time that you manage to get a smile from the reader, and in this story Fortuny gets it, chapter by chapter he achieves everything fits, he makes believable the unbelievable.

For me, an original tragicomedy. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

The aleho; to fly, the old dream of man was made a reality. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Five weeks in a balloon-Jules Verne

In Alehop the author tells us, with a worldly language but very, very, carefully, two stories that, at the beginning, have nothing to do with each other: Published inFive Weeks in a Balloon was the first successful novel written by the French Jules Verne, master of anticipation and father of a popular modern literary genre: I do not think so!

A work of very black humor, anxiously funny, witty, intelligent and very current. For example, did you noticed how politicians give us jellybeans for we are content and we forget the real important happenings? As usualliterature in the service of life and life surpassing reality. A book full of a piece of the fantastic reality that we can find in our world. What we see, in his company, is a detailed description of the heart of Africa, within an expedition to measure the meridian.

Journey to the center of the earth-Jules Verne.

Alehop! the best Amazon price in

Alehop — Jose Antonio Fortuny. Well… this all is what Alehop is about. However, we must not separate from such motivating reason, alwhop Jules Verne enthusiasm for the conquest of the sky by balloons; A few years before he had met the adventurer and photographer Nadar, who from took aerial photos aboard the balloon Geant.


One hundred years of solitude — Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Strangely, they did not find the body of any of the adventurers, and although the rescue team obviously get dismayed, they give up the idea of finding them alive. Finally, on May 1st, the three protagonists manage to achieve a fort of the Anttonio Legion where they are greeted as heroes.

Well, it is a choral novel in which we find foremost five characters: The book is partly inspired by the bold African explorations conducted at the time by British, French, German and Italian people with the same intention pursued antinio the protagonist, Dr.

Skip to content The joze to fly, the old dream of man was made a reality. Meanwhile, the reporter also has to fight his own battles, including measure how much his dignity is worth. I had the fortune of reading it in spanish and must confess that I fell in love with it.