Night Prayer (Contemporary) on Monday 31 December A Service of Night Prayer (Compline) from Common Worship: Daily Prayer. and calm, quiet words, fine music and the words of a Celtic Compline, we refresh this tradition. The Lord Almighty grant us a peaceful night and a perfect end. The Anglican Eucharist in New Zealand , by Bosco Peters. . of Canada has posted the services of Compline and Holy Communion from the The Book of Common Prayer of the US Episcopal Church is now.

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Since its introduction in the sixteenth century, it has had an enormous influence fompline everything written in English. It has gone through many of revisions, both in England and in the comline countries of the Anglican Communion, but the original text is still comprehensible and relevant.

On this page, we list editions and translations of BCP texts available online. The gold standard online resource for versions of the BCP that are not copyrighted.

An encyclopedic work on translations of the BCP. This digital edition of a very important work includes extensive hyperlinking to online versions of the translations and background documents.

This classic is now online, well formatted, and worth your time. Note the Family Tree of the Prayer Book. Prayer Book Studies Series 1 is now available online. There are ritual controversies, fights, disputes, and ecclesiastical court cases. Parishioners throw the processional cross in the river when they object to processions. Closely related to the A comprehensive site on the remarkable and much-loved English poet, George Herbert.

Texts for Common Prayer

It includes an imaginative presentation of the Communion service, with links to Herbert poems at appropriate places. Beware of the music. It ‘was thought lost for over two centuries, but was discovered in in angljcan proverbial Government warehouse. It was then published as a folio photographic facsimile in ; the book used here is a reprint from a year later’.

Anglican Church in North America

Wikisource includes parts of the Book of Common Prayer. As this project is incomplete, volunteers are likely welcome to add more complime the text.

The BCP as engraved by Charles Sturt in ‘There is no actual printing of text —the entire book, including the text, was engraved by hand on silver plates, which allowed extreme detail to be recorded. The entire project took three years to complete and was financed by the sale of advance subscriptions.

Book of Common Prayer Standard English Anglcian ‘an early stage collaborative effort to produce a version of the Book of Common Prayer which differs in as much as is possible only in having a modernised language and visual format’. Abbreviated Daily Offices are also posted and linked, together with the Ordinal, Catechism, and so on.

It is based ameican on the Church of England’s abortive Liturgy, and on Eastern forms’ for use in what is now Sri Lanka. Authorised by Wallace J.

A Suggestion for an Interim Rite. This publication from the beginning of his episcopate reflects the strong Anglo-Catholic heritage of Anglicanism in the West Indies. This publication of the Church in Wales is available online in Welsh and in English. A successor to this Liturgy was proposed in but failed to gain approval.

While this liturgy retains traditional language, it incorporates a number of significant changes that distinguish it from its predecessor. Many local languages in this province have been used for Anglican liturgical translations, but English serves as a lingua franca. This is the first liturgy prepared for Papua New Guinea that departs from the traditional BCP order in several respects, anticipating changes adopted by some parts of the Anglican Communion later in the decade. Wherever possible, the pages are dynamic — pulling Bible Passages from a database for insertion into the Daily Offices — and interwoven — linking various liturgies to proper prayers, anthems, and other pages or passages.


Arosi Anglican liturgical publications in Arosia language spoken on Makira in the Solomon Islands, are now available online.

It was translated by English missionary linguist Lancelot Edward Threlkeld with the assistance of tribal leader Biraban died Doregari Kotopu This translation of the Holy Communion service from the BCP into Binandere is the work of Copland King a botanist, zoologist, and linguist whose missionary life and significant translation activity are chronicled in Gilbert White’s A Pioneer of Papua. Bislama is an official language of Vanuatu, where it is spoken by about 6, people as a first language and more thanothers as an additional language.

English-speakers may find it fascinating to read some of the text of these liturgies aloud. This translation is especially noteworthy for its association with David Pendleton Oakerhatercommemorated on the calendar of the US Episcopal Church on 1 September.

It was published by and for the Anglican Diocese of Singapore. Chikalakala cha mapempelo ya pamoji ndi kumtumikila mlungu pa sakraments, ndi malamulo ena ena ndi makonjedwe yao ya pa church, kwa mlingo wa chisimu chake Church la England Chinyanja, also called Chichewa, is a major Bantu language of eastern central Africa. The BCP in Cree ‘Translated by Bishop John Horden — into the Cree dialect of the area around Moosonee, Ontario Canadathis edition was first printed inand is now available as a image files on-line.

This edition was first published in for use in what is now South Africa. It was translated by Alfred Pennya priest who served in the Melanesian Mission from to This online edition was prepared by Richard Mammana and Chad Wohlers. Estimates of the number of speakers vary from about to ; around 13, people are part of the Gitxsan nation.

Ettunetle tutthug enjit gichinchik ak? Portions of the Book of Common Prayer together with Hymns and Addresses in Eskimo This early translation into Inuktitut was prepared by the experienced missionary-linguist E. Iwe Ise ti Egwari Sekiri It was the only translation of the BCP into Italian between and AO Editor Richard Mammana’s account of his discovery of this book is available online.

Although superseded in by a contemporary-language liturgy, this BCP may be used in the Holy Catholic Church of Japan with permission of local diocesan bishops. Portions of the Book of Common Prayer: Na Book Fooalaa Service Book in Luganda Luganda is a major language of Uganda, spoken by about three million people. The Book of Common Prayer, translated into Mandarin The monumental Burdon-Schereschewsky translation is now available online in page images.

Padjer Fastyr This page directs you to online liturgical resources in Manx Gaelic, particularly new transcriptions of annual Manx Evening Prayer services inand Moru is a language used primarily in South Sudan and the Sudanese diaspora. Mota is spoken today by about people on Mota island itself, and in diaspora communities in Vanuatu. In this language, c, q, r, x, and z are vowels. Linguists refer to this highly endangered south-central British Columbian language as Thompson or Nlaka’pamux.


The Nishga Liturgy Nisga’a formerly spelled Nishga is an indigenous Canadian language spoken by about people in northwestern British Columbia in the Diocese of Caledonia. It was published in Chicago in for use in Norwegian-speaking congregations of the Diocese of Minnesota. This translation was published in Canadian Aboriginal Syllabicsand it is available for download in Adobe Acrobat format. AO Editor Richard Mammana transcribed this text.

Portions of the Book of Common Prayer in Persian Part of the significance of this language derives from its use on Nukapu, the island where John Coleridge Patteson was martyred in Leo huri ganisabuga The Holy Communion service in Ragaa major language of Vanuatu spoken mainly on Pentecost Islandis now available online. It is written in Savosavoa threatened language spoken by just over people.

Portions of the Book of Common Prayer in Selako Selako is a language spoken by overpeople in the far west of the island of Borneo, mostly in Indonesia, but also in Malaysia. The bishop named in the intercessory prayers is Basil Colby RobertsBishop of Singaporeso this allows the possibility of dating its publication during his tenure.

Portions of the Book of Common Prayer in Shoshoni This translation of parts of the BCP into Shoshoni was prepared by missionary-translator John Robertswith the assistance of native speakers of Shoshoni. Sioux is spoken by c. Anglican liturgical translations into this language for use in the Diocese of Natal began inand have continued through today. This translation into one of the most widely spoken languages in East Africa was by prepared by CMS missionaries in the Mombasa Diocese and published in Prayer Book for Thailand The illustrations are worth a look.

A Zimshian Version of Portions of the Book of Common Prayer Tsimshian spelled Zimshian in the text presented here is a language spoken today by about people in British Columbia, and in southeastern Alaska.

It is closely related to Nisga’a and Gitxsan. Sobornii molitovnik i podavannia sviatikh tain ta ynshi obriadi ta zvichai scho vzhivaiut’sia v anglikans’kii tserkvi v kanadiis’kii dominii This link will take you to a remarkable Ukrainian-language translation of the Canadian Book of Common Prayer. It was translated by missionary Jules Prevostand transcribed by Richard Mammana for web publication by Charles Ameriacn.

Vaturanga is spoken on northwestern Guadalcanalwhere it serves as an important liturgical language in light of its intelligibility outside of its group of first-language comppine.

Revision is still ongoing, and a new Communion service was authorized inin English and in Welsh. Thathamet Permanent Anglican missionary activity in the Gran Chaco of northern Argentina began in under the auspices of the South American Missionary Society.

Liturgical titles and headings in this translation are provided in Spanish. Yahgan is an indigenous language of Tierra del Wmerican it has just one remaining speaker.

The Clmpline of the Book of Common Prayer notes that it is unclear whether this book was ever published; it was. Anglicans Online last updated 30 December Anglican Dioceses and Parishes. Not in the Communion. Visit the AO Shop. This page last updated 14 December This web site is independent.

It is not official in any way.

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