American Splendor has ratings and 11 reviews. The classic collection of the comics that inspired the movie American Splendor, winner of the Grand Jur. American Splendor is a series of autobiographical comic books written by Harvey Pekar and drawn by a variety of artists. The first issue was published in and the most recent in September , with publication occurring at irregular intervals. Publishers have been, at various times, Harvey Pekar himself, Dark Horse . American Splendor: The Life and Times of Harvey Pekar . The joyfully downbeat stories of everyday life penned by Cleveland, Ohio native Harvey Pekar, who died in July , elevated comic books.

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He hated his own joyless life – by that time he even hated his own record collecting obsession! It seizes the march of time that superhero comics so desperately seek to avoid and turns it into an advantage.

Buckley or someone a’that ilk. But how much better, how much more fascinating, it would be to have a simple factual description of what, for example, an average stonemason’s day was like in 30 AD.

Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. The very good news was, however, he knew Crumb, and Crumb liked his ideas, and so agreed to illustrate them. Miserable comics about life-as-it’s-really-lived by Harvey that is. Pekar is a rare and special talent, a keen-eyed observer and reporter of minutiae, who can make the mundane interesting.

The art in each story is beautiful and poignant, just as the prose and dialogue are. Retrieved from ” https: If it does, I certainly hope this document is somehow miraculously preserved.

Preview — American Splendor by Harvey Pekar. Teasley rated it really liked it Jan 27, Whether he is trading records, arguing with people at work, getting sick, or losing the library’s copy of “Confessions of Zeno,” you’ll get right inside his head as he muses, worries, broods and gets [angry] at the people in front of him in line.


I saw the fine film version of an Splendor. Battered and dog-eared it set me back two pounds. Trivia About American Splendor Jan 03, Gerardo Vega rated it it was amazing. I have nothing to add other than to agree with nearly everyone else that this stuff is brilliant.

American Splendor: The Life and Times of Harvey Pekar by Harvey Pekar

These were comics like nothing I had ever read before. No Kindle device required. View all 13 comments. Kaparra Table of Americsn As Pekar says somewhere in this anthology, “we thi “American Splendor” was really my first self-motivated exploration into the spendor of graphic novels. With a mixture of thoughtfulness, neurosis, anger, and kindness, Pekar’s anthologies read straight through provide one of the most poignant entries into the complexity of “everyday” American life that I have read.

Jul 12, Tyler rated it it was amazing Shelves: In when Crumb was visiting him in Cleveland, Pekar showed him his story ideas. The first story really sets the tone. And I do wonder whether he would’ve just died alone had he never encountered Robert Crumb during his youth There are points when you’ll find yourself wondering, “Why the hell is this story in here?

American Splendor: The Life and Times of Harvey Pekar

Wonderful dialogue snippets from places and people overlooked in most elitist art. Oct 14, Carlos Battaglini rated it it was amazing.

For example, one episode relates Pekar’s botched honeymoon trip from his native Cleveland to the Pacific Northwest. Marianne rated it really liked it Feb 06, Read This Table of Contents: Thim Sagefjord rated it it was ok Aug 04, He collected records and through that obsession tthe met Robert Crumb, who you all know to be the most famous “underground comics” artist ever.


The unsettling, irascible, yet fascinating man. Depressing as all hell with repetative content. It features his narration and snippets of him, you can’t help but become endeared. Taken as a whole, it’s both a tbe of how the spirit can be worn down by the minutia of everyday life and a celebration of that minutia.

Introduction Table of Contents: View all 3 comments. Lists with This Pife. One of the truly great comics If you believe any of this data to be incorrect, please let us know. I gave this book an irrational five out of five stars in my mind about three stories in, because I recognized then that I loved it, knew it, and felt it.

But I digress Perhaps someday, like I did in the case of Greek and Roman myths, I will learn rimes there is some redeeming quality in today’s superhero comic book genre that I was just too dense to comprehend.

Radically departing from traditional narrative, Pekar relates seemingly simple anecdotes from losing the gas cap to his car to pondering death on a walk home from work that nail the truth about what is joyful and painful in this life more than anyone I have read in a long time. It would be a shame if future civilizations know us only himes our superheroes.