ANSI/AMCA ANSI/ASHRAE Laboratory Methods of Testing Fans for Certified Aerodynamic Performance Rating An American National Standard. ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill., September 12, – The Air Movement and Control Association. (AMCA) International Inc. announces the revision of ANSI/AMCA. Application: Airflow Test Chamber or Test Duct,Nozzle for measurement of fluid flow. Standards: ANSI/AMCA ,ANSI/ASHRAE , ISO , GB/T

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ANSI / Amca 210-07 Airflow Chamber, Airflow Duct, Fluid Flow Measurement

Such a device shall be located on the end of the test duct or test chamber and should be symmetrical about the duct or chamber axis.

Surface finish shall be 0. Either or both of these pressure signals can then be transmitted to a manometer or other indicator. All four taps shall be connected to a piezometer ring.

Variable exhaust system may be an auxiliary fan or a throttling ani. On the inlet duct setup, ts1 is equal to td3 and Pt1 may be considered equal to Pt3 for fan air density calculations. The static pressure at a point shall be measured on an indicator such as a manometer with one leg connected to atmosphere and the other leg connected to a static pressure sensor, such as a static pressure tap or the static tap of a Pitot-static tube.

Still others are derived from the equation of state, the Bernoulli equation, the equation of continuity, and other fundamental considerations. The coefficient is derived in Annex D. It is the algebraic sum of velocity pressure and static pressure at a point. Subscription pricing is determined by: A dry-bulb thermometer shall be mounted upstream of the absi thermometer. Two new coefficients x and zmay be defined in terms of the information which znsi known from a fan test: Airflow adjustment means, such as dampers, auxiliary fan blade or ajca fan inlet vane pitch control, or speed control may be required.


The fan law equation for fan velocity pressure Pv follows from that for fan total pressure: Additional ductwork of any size, including elbows, may be used to connect between the chamber and the exit of the 10D minimum test duct. Nozzle shall be in accordance with Figure 4A nozzle with throat taps.

In a chamber, the use of either of the nozzle types shown above is permitted. It is the algebraic sum of velocity pressure and static pressure at a aamca.

AMCA 210-2007

anca Deviations may also be due to conditions affecting the flow into or out of the fan which, in turn, affects the ability of the fan to perform. The method of joining cell segments such as tack welds shall be kept to the minimum required for mechanical integrity and shall result in minimum protusion into the fluid stream.

Section A-A shows 8 holes equally spaced and free from burrs. The gross inside area measured in the plane s of the inlet connection s. The area A6 is measured at the plane of the throat taps, or the nozzle exit for nozzles without throat taps.

The 0 pressure Pv3 corresponding to the average velocity shall be obtained by taking the square roots of the individual measurements Pv3rsumming the roots, dividing by 13 On all outlet duct and outlet chamber setups, Pt1 is equal to zero and ts1 is equal to td0.

Dimensions should be checked against a drawing and a copy of the drawing attached to the recorded data.


The specifications regarding accuracy correspond to two standard deviations based on an assumed normal distribution. The portion of a Pitot traverse duct within 0.

ANSI/AMCA – Laboratory Methods of Testing Fans for Certified Aerodynamic

The flow meter will give a direct reading of the leakage rate. When a Pitot-traverse is used for pressure measurement: When making fan law conversions, fan speed has a first power effect on airflow rate. The tests are described in Sections A. In order to obtain an average, at least four taps meeting the requirements of Figure 2A shall be manifolded into a piezometer ring.

AMCA – Free Download PDF

The net effect with respect to speed is second power. The pressure when the datum pressure is absolute zero. 2110 is best to determine the systematic uncertainty and then the random uncertainty of the result before combining them into the total uncertainty of the amcaa. Analysis of fan power input is unnecessary since it is a part of efficiency analysis. The pressure exerted by the atmosphere. The absorption dynamometer shall be calibrated by suspending weights from a torque arm.

The portion of air pressure that exists by virtue of the degree of compression.

The conversion of 1 in. Note that ef and eg vary with point of operation. The standard density of water or mercury and the standard gravitational acceleration are defined in Section 3. When a star zmca is used: Airflow conditions can never be completely similar, even for two completely similar fans, if the degree of compression varies.