Seeking a way to easily open and save PowerPoint presentations in Keynote? This month’s Automator workflow shows you how. I am trying to run the script (pasted below) to convert a powerpoint pptx file to ppt file using Office But it throws a lot of security warnings. Microsoft Office for Mac (and ) includes several Automator workflows, but Microsoft is no longer providing Automator actions for.

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Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Office applications missing in Automator Library. I would have loved to bring conevrt clickies to work, as for future-script that “might” be helpful, but for the moments I had to finish it as there are three exams next week.

I alo tried to leave out the if-condition, still no result. Ok, but in this case, your Script should do at least the clicking of hte pdf-button, because this one is defined properly, isn’t it?

automation – Applescript – bulk convert PPT to HTML – Stack Overflow

Button “x” of process “y” is impossible. How can I fix this issue? There are a few ways you can come at this. Automator Workflow does most of the work here. The applescript works fine for all the versions of Office prior to Office If applescrpt have an idea: All the best joh.


Automatically Filing PowerPoint Presentations – Automator, Hazel, AppleScript

Whether or not that will work for you is going to depend on the version of PowerPoint used to create the presentation. Sign up using Facebook.

Thereafter, it is a simple matter for Hazel to move the new file to wherever you want it. Office applications missing in Automator Library The mention on there of Viewing by Application or Category doesn’t appear to prevent them showing in the search, only in the left pane.

For one presentation, do you get errors converting from pptx to ppt? Unfortunately i cant bring it to work for PP-docs. User profile for user: I edited the script in my answer, now no error for me.

I do not have this version of office. Hi iprecious, An alternative to GUI scripting would be to install the free cups-pdf package on your Mac, set it as the default printer and execute code as follows a slightly applescrit version of StefanK’s great script, tested on MS Office But it throws a lot of security warnings and finally the ppt that saves is applescriptt some of the pptx specific content. Downloads Hazel Rules Automator Workflow.

Most good lecturers will converg their presentations with you for their classes.


Batch-convert ppt to pdf Yeap, I did: I was about to share the Automator action and Hazel covert that make up this little scheme when it dawned on me that this is a good opportunity to share a fairly straight forward workflow you can easily automate. Here is the workflow: Might it be a change in Leopard?

Dec 9, 2: I would try to tackle that problem, but I don’t really have a clue what AS wants to tell me. This came from a response to a fellow traveller in the Mac Power Users Facebook connvert.

applescript – How do I get Automator actions for Microsoft Powerpoint and Word? – Ask Different

Applescrpt versions of Microsoft Office included Automator Actions. For that, did you go with the GUI scripting route? By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

As you see, I choose the cups-pdf-variant and took a shortcut by using the keystroke-commands instead of the applescri;t, but all the attempts using the latter entirely failed. I’ll have to check with my company’s IT dept about that.

Dec 9, 9: