the wastewater facilities of all German federal real estates (Arbeitshilfen Abwasser, ). It is published by the Federal Ministry for Transport, Construction and. The new ISYBAU XML exchange format is the logical update of the ISYBAU XML [1] Read Online Arbeitshilfen abwasser pdf: ?file= arbeitshilfen+abwasser++pdf arbeitshilfen abwasser pdf download isybau

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Particular focus has been put on the assessment of structurally relevant defects which, through surface damage corrosion and wear and longitudinal cracksfor example, can put the stability of impaired sewer sections at risk.

When using fuzzy logic illustration at the bottomthe membership in defect classes is designated by means of a stepless transition of classes. afbeitshilfen

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The temporal plausibility check analyses successive data regarding possible inconsistencies in the data records over time and thus, ensures that data from former inspections are kept and can be used for a documentation of the temporal condition development. The degree of membership in a certain set is described in a membership function.

As the rigid, integer classes are replaced by stepless classes, implausible changes of class can be avoided without having to abandon the five classes concept. This mathematical model is also used in the forecast of the network condition and network fabric decay class development Section 5.

Barthauer Software has been involved in the development of the ISYBAU data exchange format for more than 15 years and is the first software house to integrate the format in its products. For the analysis, the respective fuzzy membership functions are used to determine arbeitshklfen proportions of the potential severity of damage in the individual fuzzy sets of a PSD function.

For this reason, the ISYBAU arbeitsnilfen are consistently developed further, expanded and enhanced with additional data structures. Modelling the deterioration of buried infrastructure as a fuzzyMarkov Prozess.

For that reason and based on extensive data, the already existing defect class models which are all related to the individual type of defect have in some cases been considerably extended by an inclusion of given influencing conditions into STATUS Sewer.


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Their correction is done through matching of data with the respective TV inspections. Figure 8 shows two defect profiles that are based on the respective practical rehabilitation length of a sewer section that is 42 m in length with defects from different defect classes Table 2.

STATUS Sewer arbitshilfen extensive quality assurance measures in the form of a multi-level plausibility check, in which the master data and condition data of the drain and sewer system object under assessment are checked regarding faulty or fragmentary data using a large number of analytical test algorithms and validation rules.

Dec 12, News. Figure 11 illustrates the correlation of the potential severity of defect and the defect concentration value, based on the complete range of fabric decay values. The temporal plausibility check implies that the inspections to be compared to each other are encoded in the same coding system. At the lower edge of the illustration in Figure 10, the damaged length proportions extracted from the defect profile Figure 8 are shown in a light grey colour according to their positioning.

The conclusion on whether to renovate or arbeitshiilfen the sewer section is made based on its fabric decay class.

Subsequently, the data are corrected. Defect profiles based on the condition class and the respective practical rehabilitation length Example 1-at the top, 2-at the bottom [9]. For that purpose, each defect is linked to a corresponding individual defect length which complies with the practical length to be rehabilitated.

The ISYBAU exchange formats allow the standardised, data processing-oriented, uniform and consistent exchange of all wastewater-related data that, for example, are needed for construction and planning, but also to operate the systems. In that example, the risk of leakage is far lower for a pipe joint that is displaced by 2 cm in a sewer section with plastic piping DN compared to a sewer section with piping made of vitrified clay DN and a year of construction as early as The model is based on the fuzzy set theory fuzzy logicwhich can more fully account for the variation of all defect characteristics.

The advantage of the stepless transitions in class can be seen in the example of priority lists, which, depending on the network length, can include thousands of sewer sections. In that check, it is also analysed which version of the respective coding system was used in order to prevent future misinterpretations that may result from a parallel use of different versions of the coding system.


If this condition is not met, it arbeitshilten mirrors the actual situation at the time of the inspection sbut not the actual evaluation moment. Dec 21, News. When changing the coding system, the defect description possibilities are also altered, i.

In the illustration at the top, the horizontal axis represents the scale of defect extent, while the vertical axis defines the degree of membership. Based on the analysis of characteristic data clusters of a network, e. While a comparison of inspections with different underlying coding systems is possible in theory by means of a prior transcription of data from one inspection into the format of the other, it is generally not effective.

Condition data are additionally randomly cross-checked against their corresponding TV inspections. Optimierung des Kanalnetzbetriebes auf Basis haltungsbezogener Substanzprognosen. Dec 20, News. Home E-Journal Evaluation models for the assessment of the structural and operational condition of drain and sewer systems arbeitsnilfen Part II.

This might lead to data distortion.

As abeasser formal errors, the correction of logical errors is done by checking comparable objects in the vicinity. Additions and enhancements, such as an optimised structure for the exchange of results of leak tests, are underscored by a focus on detail.

Generally, the defect class is solely determined based on both the type and extent of damage.

It is calculated based on the defect profile Figure 8 exclusively from the proportions defect class length percentages of the damaged parts of a sewer section Figure 9. Abwassertechnische Vereinigung ATV org. By means of defuzzification, the fuzzy abwaser is rendered into its numeric equivalent as a stepless value of the defect class Figure 2.