Hyperlinked map of sacred sites of Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka visited by Saint Arunagirinathar. Arunagirinathar Thiruppugazh Songs Download- Listen to Arunagirinathar Thiruppugazh songs MP3 free online. Play Arunagirinathar Thiruppugazh hit new . Thiruppugazh (Thirupugal) – Tamil Devotional songs dedicated to Lord Murugan, written by the poet-saint Arunagirinathar. Songs provided in Tamil and English.

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Learning of raunagirinathar thiruppugazh. Thread starter Krishnan Anantharaman Start date Oct 8, Status Not open for further replies.

Krishnan Anantharaman New member Oct 8, Around years ago, there was lots of fights between saivam and vainavam and the god decided to put a full stop and hence born as “His Holiness Arunagirinathar”. Thiruppugazh arunagirinathr is in praise of Lord Muruga, H. H has cleverly linked Muruga to Arusamayam ie.

There were about 16, songs penned by H. These verses have been tuned by various bakthas espcially. Vallimalai satchidananda swamigal, “Thiruppugazh” Mani, etc. But unfortunately this was left out without teaching to the public and hence disappearing slowly.

In this century, Guruji Shri A.


Arunagiriinathar has tuned these Thiruppugazh in a very beautiful way and His disciples have started spreading by taking daily classes. In recent days many childrens are singing “B” grade cine songs in TV.

What more i have to write RVR New member Oct 8, Sri Krishnan Anantharaman ji, Please do the good work. Please visit the following website. If you can upload the songs with music and translation to our website, it will be really good.

Soundara Rajan New member Oct 9, Shri Krishnan Anantharaman ji: Thank you very much. I eagerly look for the column by you on Thiruppugazh.

Guruji Raghavan, through his programmes and through ‘Anbargal’ group, which has become worldwide, renders excellent service to Thiruppugazh. For the work of spreading of Thiruppugazh, sky is the limit.

Persons capable for this purpose are welcome anytime.

Places visited by Saint Arunagirinathar

Let us all be enlightened pls. Congrats for having chosen this subject. Kindly note that under ‘web resources’ heading, I have made a mention about kaumaram. This website has almost all the Thiruppugazh songs. As the title of this website explains, this contains all those items, which all could be of interest to Lord Muruga’s devotees, as a whole. RVR New member Oct 9, Thanks Sundararajan ji, kaumaram. Krishnan Anantharaman New member Oct 10, Soundara Rajan Thank you very much for strengthening the thread.


Can I know about you more I am living in Abudhabi and trying to spread the Holy TP. I am basically from chennai and Guruji knows about me well. Venkataramani Sorry for the delay in reply. I know very well of Late Sri P. I used to meet him regularly during my visit to vallimalai gurupooja. Hope you have visited www. Soundara Rajan New member Oct 11, Dear Shri Krishnan, Pleased to see your response.

I am associated with one Tiruppugazh Sabhai in Mylapore, Chennai, for the past 30 years. Guruji Raghvan’s disciple Mr.

Sankaranarayanan, along with other enthusiasts in Thiruppugzh, started this sabhai, 35 years back. I shall take part in Guruji’s programmes in Chennai. My email id is: If you let me know your mail id, it will be ideal for our communication, which need not be of interest to others, pls.

Shri Venkatramani ji, I observe that you arunabirinathar the first person to respond with positive comments, not only to my postings, but in general to all the entries.

Kindly keep it up, sir. RVR New member Oct 11, Vallimalai Sri Sachidanda swamigal popularised it at nook and corner of Tamilnadu.

Vallimalai Swamigal is neither well versed in Tamil nor Music. He got enlightenment at Palani when tribal women Kurathi were singing the same during a festival. Vallimalai swamigal started singing Tiruppugazh with his own music compositions which purely due to the blessings of Lord Muruga. He only did last rites for Vallimalai Swamigal.

Again he mastered Tirupugazh one of the toughest compositions in Tamil and use sing with ease. I am sure it is due to the blessings thiruppugszh Lord Muruga. Thiruppugszh Mylapore Ramana Kendra There used to be regular classes.


Regards and great feelings for doing the services to H H. Shri Akura ji; I enjoy reading your postings incl. In this thread, your posting on ‘velmaRal vaguppu’ by Vallimalai swami and the influence Maharishi RamaNar and Sri Seshadri Swamigal in kindling vallimalai swami’s interest in Thiruppugazh are new information to me.

Thanks for the enlightenment. Shri Venkatrmani ji, I had not yet visited Vallimalai Ashram. Thiruppadi Thiruvizha in Thiruthani on every new year day midnight, adopted, introduced and followed by him, I understand.

This tradition is followed by various Thiruppugazh sabhis. With regard to late krishnan palghat iyerwho performed the last rites of Vallimalai swamiji, are new information to me. Learnt Tamil much later in their lives and becoming sizeable contributors in a very tough Tamil bakthi literature ‘Thiruppugazh’ is commendable and nothing but Lord Murugan’s arul made them render this kind of service.


I have a book written by late Sri Anvanandaji, founder of vaishanavi temple at Tirummulaivayil. Vallimalai swamigal didn’t follow any Agama Sastra for the installation and singing Tiruppugazh, he installed the deity.

The life of Swamigal is a great example. Krishnan There have been many narrations in print by various devotees, particularly, Sri R. Kalyanasundaram and Swami Anvananda but few copies remain as they are long out of print. However it is my attempt to present information received directly from Swami as well some of the earliest episodes prior to narrated to me during the period of my contact with him.

Under a divine order alone my first contact with the great soul Sri Sacchidananda Swami occured at his beloveed Tiruttani on 31 December during the Step Festival initiated by Swami in the year as I learned later from Swami in detail. In the middle he disappeared and in his place a stalwart figure was leading me further up.

I later recognised the stalwart figure as Sri Vallimalai Swami as introduced by my friends who accompanied me enroute to Tiruvannamalai for darshan of Sri Ramana.

The dream and its symbolism became a key factor in my life. I had the great fortune to move closely with Swami for about two years from to when he attained samadhi at the ripe age of At that time Swami needed help owing to old age.

During his permanent stay at Chennai untilmy services were readily accepted by Swami and thereafter hardly a day passed without my meeting him till the end. During this period he helped me in various ways to practise spiritual sadhana. Saint Arunagirinathar at T. RVR New member Oct 12, He has narrated the life of Arunagirinathar, Tiruppugazh and Sri Vallimalai Swamigal after lot of research. Krishnan Anantharaman New member Oct 13, Its very great to see the response by various Thiruppugazh devotees and many more information about H.

Vallimalai satchidananda swamigal shared. Vallimalai is a wonderful divine place soon you step into the street In the Vallimalai Ashraam I feel everyone should have the target to visit vallimalai atleast once in their lifetime and get the blessings of HOLY.

Krishnan Anantharaman New member Oct 22, Skanda sashti Dear Anbargal!