9, , 3/10/, Layout as defined by Ato Cotepe 09 10, , 4/24/ . 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, , 61K. icmsxpng, , K .. , 45K. ATO-COTEPEpdf, , M. the law ATO COTEPE 09/ and will take effect from June 1st for PAF-ECF” covers the changes defined in “ATO COTEPE/ICMS 9.

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You set processing options in the Item Master Additional Info program P to identify the category codes for which the system enables you to select values to associate with items.

The cofepe for the Tax ID field in the F table for the address book number that dotepe in the F table. The values shown in the table are hard-coded. If you do not enter a value, the system uses the default value of Code Description 01 To sum the tax amounts by more than one demonstrative code, enter all of the codes in the Description 1 field and separate them with spaces.

Set up codes for income tax deductions for retired persons. The final was an enthralling affair, with the All Blacks threatening to run away with it and the Wallabies summoning enough spirit to pose a threat of their own.

You must set up codes for each type of service for each city of origin for services that appear on a nota fiscal. Cheap Jerseys from china Half a million spectators lined the road leading to the top of the Puy. The purchase use of the item determines the tax recoverability of the item. Daniel Carter steps up or rather, steps back and drops a goal out of nothing from 40 plus metres.

The record types for the electronic GIA are: The system also updates the F76B and F76B tables. If the Customer Address option is blank, uses the value for the Address 2 field in the F table for the address book number that appears in the Address Number field in the F03B11 table. Use the Description 02 to relate this data to the Address Book record for the credit card entity field. This table describes the contents of the registers.


New Zealand – English. A warden is someone who works in a jail right? These codes are aho in the system to identity different types of nota fiscal transactions. One record can exist for each record in the C register. Code Description 01 Description 02 ims Brazil When the herbs such as salvia, marijuana and the like are burned, they produce so many harmful by products.

Accountant Inscription Number Enter the accountant’s license number. No similar item in domestic market. United States – English.

Index of /wp-content/uploads/sites/459/2018/08

Includes the totals of the registers of each block in the table. The address book number in the F table. H Atto Includes information about the inventory quantities, the unit of measure, and the address book number of each item.

Print Detail or Summarized report Specify whether the system prints a detail or summarized report. When you enter the codes in certain processing options for fiscal books or IN68 reports, the system prints the message that is associated with the code on the report or fiscal book. The tax calculator uses these adjustment names to determine which category codes to use.

Includes information about the fixed assets based on the F76B table.

The system does not process any other blocks if the status of Block I is not D Done. South Africa – English. The system provides hard-coded values to indicate the status of the blocks that you process.

E ICMS tax verification period, tributary substitution Includes information about the reporting period from the setup information. If rules are not found in the F76B table for a register, but the records exist in the F76B table, the system includes the records from F76B in the flat file, but does not validate them against rules set up in the F76B table.


Codes Description 00 Regular remittance of file 01 File substitute’s remittance 02 File remittance with additional data to a file previously sent 03 File remittance requested by specific citation. Includes information about invoices based on information in the FB and FB tables. The inability to tax online purchases from outside the state retailers already is knocking an ever growing hole in Tennessee finances.

Enter the category code that exists in the Accounts Master table F to specify the account class. Therefore, you must set up special handling codes as follows: The system uses the value that you enter to indicate the purpose of your tax reporting submittal.

Configuring EFD PIS/COFINS Information for Text Generation (Release Update)

Fisco State Fiscal Authority. Multiple records can exist in this register for each record in the C register. Includes information about the accountant for the reporting company from the F, F, F76B, and F76B tables. For example, Z is the company tax ID and Z is the company name. Nacional, mercadoria ou bem com Conteudo de Import.

Arquivos Legislação – Flexmobile Sistemas

The values in the Description 01 and the Description 02 fields are the Ficha numbers section numbers within the DIPI Annual Movements report to which the system writes the customer information. The value for the Address 1 field in the F table for the address book number that appears in the F table.

You must enter the demonstrative code by which the tax amounts are summed coteoe the Description 1 field. 90 ensure accurate data for IN86 and IN89 tax reporting, you must ensure that the characters are valid and enter the four characters in the correct order.