Mammoth Hunters [Jean M. Auel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Leaving the valley of horses with Jondalar, the handsome man she has. Jean M. Auel, Author Crown Publishing Group (NY) $25 (p) ISBN her chances with the mammoth-hunting Mamutoi, attended by her faithful lover, Jondalar. Once again Jean M. Auel opens the door of a time long past to reveal an age of wonder and danger at the dawn of the modern human race. With all the.

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View all 38 comments. Ayla doesn’t get why he’s mad, despite all the above experiences she’s had and having had ample chance to observe from the Mammoth Hunters how relationships work. Views Read Edit View history.

His language, the headman realized, but not hers. Apr 05, Doubledf Ayla, having been brought up like a good Neanderthal woman and apparently incapable of telling the guy “I’m just not that into you”, knows that when a man makes a signal that he wants her, a woman should instantly submit.

The history buff in me HAD to give it those 3 stars because of the intricate details and learning involved in Auel’s story of Ayla- a homo sapiens girl raised by ‘flatheads’ Neanderthals during the Ic The 1st book in the ‘Earth’s Children’ series, ‘The Clan of the Cave Bear’ is a frigging excellent book; one of my favorites, and a book that helped shape my love of studying history.

You could have had an interesting conflict with Jondalar being ashamed of Ayla living with the Clan and how his family would take it that actually wasn’t too bad. Read it Forward Read it first. However, this book felt like one of those ‘place-holder’ books in a series, you know? As the group’s name suggests, their hosts rely on mammoth not only for food but also for building materials and a number of other commodities – and indeed for spiritual sustenance.


Then she adopts an orphaned Cave Lion she orphaned it too! This has been my least favorite out of the Earths Children series, although I find it hard to dislike any of the books.

The Mammoth Hunters

I can even enjoy the really bad sex scenes in a MST3K way if you enjoy reading about Jondalar’s “manhood” and Ayla’s “petals”, this is your book.

She is also joined by her love, Jondalar.

What else is new. He’s so obsessed with perfection, with her being perfect and the sexual act being perfect, that he forgets about her as a person. Talut, a powerful bear of a man with bright red hair, a booming laugh, and a gentle heart, aurl his tall, dark-haired sister, Tulie, are the leaders of the Lion Camp of the Mamutoi. I was a bit frustrated with the whole love thing between Ayla and Jondalar. AUEL Snippet view – His neck bulged, his chest could have filled out two ordinary men, his massive biceps matched most men”s thighs.

I spent ael entire book wanting to slap the crap out of both of them, while screaming “just talk to each other already!! S I think there’s a lot of stuff I’ve also missed in my attempt to rehashing the gruesomeness of the Big Misunderstanding. Besides, you”ll never know if they will accept you–or if you will like them–if you don”t give them a chance.

But there are some good bunters to be said. Stay in Touch Sign up.

There was way too much stupid going on between Ayla and Jondalar, and the results were nearly disastrous. In fact I believe any good editor could cut these books down by hundreds of pages. Sure, things got a little dicey at the end of the second book when Jondalar showed up, and Ayla began to obsess about every little thought that might be going through his head.

Bigstrongattractive with brains that women find irresistible. I want this to be perfect” he said. I guess now that she’s with her kind of people, Auel just can’t mammth it interesting. The hunters are shocked seeing the teenage girl riding a horse I’d like to reread that sometime soon if I can find an English copy of it.


They were strangers, and in his long travels he had learned to be wary of strangers. I think The Plains of Passage is on of the better ones. The protagonists make their home with the Lion Camp of the Mammoth Hunters, which features a number of respected Mamutoi.

Others are amazed that Ayla can ride the beast, and it appears she is one of the first zuel to do so.

The Mammoth Hunters by Jean M. Auel | : Books

Because Ayla acts confused and like she has done nothing wrong, Jondalar convinces himself mammoh she doesn’t want him anymore and has chosen Ranec over him, and so pulls back from her, deciding to let her be free to make her own choice. Normal mammothh beings would approach each other after the incident and have it out.

Ayla finds herself torn between her strong feelings for Ranec and her powerful love for the wildly jealous and unsure Jondalar. I remember loving the first 3 what had been written up till then and being very impressed with them as a teenager. Firstly, Auel opens up her world and introduces us to the Hnters and their ways; describing different cultures, digging into the past and revealing it to the audience is Auel’s strong suit, and it’s nice to have her back in her element.

Talut”s interest was piqued. Jondalar spoke with the accent of a language foreign to him; the difference in the way she spoke went beyond accent.