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About Me Terry McKnight. My blog is the everyday ramblings of an enthusiastic and passionate woodworker. I hope you find it interesting. If you are seeing this from another of my blogs then the url is tmcwoodworks. Thursday, 9 July Avair AV review.

To be quite honest it was never really good and now its adjustment potentiometer was shot. I opted for the Avair AV as it covered frequencies from 1. I opened it and the cardboard cover for it was a little battered but the meter was inside a large padded bubble wrap sleeve and was fully protected.

Front panel The instrument itself comprises a zvair metal box, solidly built and is dominated by a large multipurpose meter.

There are 4 rubber feet avqir the bottom, it is finished in black with silk screen printed lettering. The instrument weighs grams and measures avaor wide x 50mm high x mm deep so should fit in a convenient location in the shack. The RF and power connections are all on the rear panel so make allowances for these connectors. Front Panel The front panel comprises the following: The meter comes with a short un-terminated power lead to female socket.


AVAIR AV SWR – RF Power meter – Radioworld UK

There is also a double sided sheet of instructions translated from Japanese into Engrish. Installation To install the AV you simply connect a short length of PL terminated 50 ohm coaxial cable to the connector marked “TX”, connect that to your rig and connect your 50 ohm antenna cable to the cable marked “ANT”.

You can connect the power lead to your shack power supply and plug it into avaid meter. The power is only necessary to illuminate the meter and power the relevant sensor LED. Aair isn’t necessary for operation of the meter. The instructions say “the meter can be left in circuit permanently for continuously monitoring of the station conditions”.

The other end I connected to the tri-band antenna that I had just purchased while it was still on the ground.

I set my rig for the lowest power which is around 5 watts on 2 metres. Then I had a listen on an empty channel to make sure I was not interfering with any body. The procedure to follow for measuring SWR is this: Then unkeyed the transmitter. You can then read off the SWR reading directly from the meter. Avaur my case it barely moved the needed off the stop. On the frequency I was transmitting on the SWR at 5 watts was less that 1.

Avair AV601 VSWR + Power Meter 1.8MHz to 525MHz VHF UHF HAM Amateur Radio

I repeated the procedure with the transmitter on a 70cm frequency. I also repeated the procedure on higher power outputs setting the switches accordingly. The end results on 2m and 70cm for my Diamond V, when a-601 at 12 feet from the ground, were around 1.


I was able to adjust the counterpoise radial to register an SWR of 1: I made sure that it wasn’t a fluke by adjusting the length of the adjustable section counterpoise to 29″ at the same frequency and the SWR measurement went up to 1.

Avair AV SWR/PWR HF/VHF/UHF – Scorpion Technology

When I avaair the length back to 23″ the SWR went back to 1. When keying on FM for instance when out of circuit the meter goes up quickly and goes down quickly when you stop transmitting.

When the PEP is engaged the meter goes up slower and there is a very noticeable delay when you stop transmitting before the needle goes back down. Specification The following details avaie been lifted from the instructions that came with the meter.

Frequency Range – 1. Also when transmitting at W on the UHF range they recommend 25 seconds on and 35 seconds off. Again continuous transmission at W will result in burning the sensor. Minimum power input af-601 0.

I have no way of laboratory measuring the meter but for ham radio purposes it probably is adequate. Posted by Terry McKnight at AvairReviewSWR and power meter. Newer Post Older Post Home.