There are 3 different works beginning Ave Maria by Josquin des He also wrote two settings of the ‘standard’ text, Ave Maria benedicta. Ave Maria, Gratia plena, Dominus tecum, Virgo serena. Ave, cuius Conceptio, Solemni plena gaudio, Caelestia, Terrestria, Nova replet laetitia. Recently, biographers of Josquin des Prez have been playing a game something akin to “Where’s Waldo?” In this case, it is “Who’s Josquin?” Thirty years ago.

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Ave Maria … Virgo serena (Josquin des Prez)

Web page content is available under the CPDL copyright license ; please see individual editions for their copyright terms. The unity of musical sound, representing the spiritual unity of prayer, completes the act of worship which has been the rhetorical goal of the text. This climax quickly gives way to an imperfect, deceptive ace. Several modern theorists have desprdz the concept of syntactic imitation to describe the lucid relationship between the text and Josquin’s musical setting.

It is a late work, possibly Josquin’s last mass setting, and was not published untilnearly 20 years after the composer’s death. Ancient to Baroque [Box Set]. It features a prerecorded group on CD of seven saxophones playing music while a live quartet of saxophonists plays against and with the recording. The motet was the most important form of early polyphonic music, and with Josquin in the 16th century, the motet became a main vehicle of expression for composers.

Amria von Josquin Desprez und Ludwig Senfl.

The lines are punctuated by structural cadences, presenting the text in a temporary repose. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations.

Other Ave…serena texts have been set by Mouton and Regis. Dsprez Version [Box Set]. Ave Maria was received so enthusiastically by audience members as well as saxophonists that I was inspired to do more transcriptions. When I ran the idea by Northwestern University’s renowned medieval and renaissance music scholar Theodore Karp, he replied, “Why not?!


Each and every one of the motets featured on this recording is truly a masterwork of Renaissance counterpoint. I first heard Josquin’s masterpiece Ave Maria inand I simply had to play it! It was initially thought to have been copied into the manuscript Munich by The opening section declaims the four phrases of text, in order.

Recordings Renaissance Masterworks of Josquin Desprez. As evidence of their rulership, they employed many artists, including singers, instrumentalists, sculptors, and painters.

Monday, December 3, Christmas Music from Eton College. It is Josquin’s earliest dateable work.

Here, The News critics give us their top picks. Missa Pange lingua is a paraphrase mass based on Pange lingua, a hymn of praise to Jesus Christ. Motetti a cinque voci Ave, praeclara omnibus Angelicis virtutibus, Cuius fuit Assumptio Nostra fuit glorificatio.

The very nature of the well-blended sound of a saxophone quartet, which occasionally proves an obstacle when a composer is looking for sound variety, proved to be a strong point in these versions of music written for a group of equal voices, with a homogenous tone color. Josquin locates each of these structural cadences in progressions of increasing power, placing the strongest, most perfect cadence for the very end of each line. Ave Maria, gratia plena, Dominus tecum, Virgo serena.

Giffen editions Gordon J. His works include 18 masses, motets, 70 chansons, and other secular works.

Some of the best music is released at the end of the year. A version of Josquin Desprez ‘s Ave Maria, perhaps his most famous composition and certainly his most often sung today, appears at the head of the first volume of motets ever printed ; its composition occurred during the composer’s service at one of several French and North Italian courts.


Sunday, February 28, O Mother of God, Remember me. Each phrase corresponds to a line of text, cleverly desprezz through points of imitation. Journal of the American Musicological Society. Its revolutionary open style featuring early imitative counterpoint and two-voice parts has added to its acclaim as one of the most influential compositions of its time. The ASQ has always demonstrated the ability to build a strong program, and this was no exception.

The piece rose to marria popularity in the 16th century, even appearing at the head of the first volume of motets ever printed. It was given vae honor of N.

Thus the composer locates each structural cadence in a progression of increasing power, saving the strongest, most perfect cadence consisting only of fifths and octaves for the very end — the prayer dfsprez Josquin sets to a slow-moving, completely homophonic texture, set apart from the preceding music by an arresting pause.

Ave Maria … Virgo serena (Josquin des Prez) – ChoralWiki

The performance featured a generous selection of numbers from the CD, almost all of which were beautifully transcribed for saxophone quartet by desrez ASQ’s soprano player Susan Fancher. The final lines are sung in homophony, as if the four, once separate voices have aligned under the grace of God.

The Tallis Scholars Sing Josquin. Hail Mary, full of grace, The Lord is with thee, serene Virgin.