The Art of Worldly Wisdom is a book written in by Baltasar Gracián y Morales, better known as Baltasar Gracian. It is a collection of maxims, each with. The Art of Worldly Wisdom has ratings and reviews. 7jane said: This book wasn’t quite what I expected, yet it was still a good experience. If y. 74 quotes from The Art of Worldly Wisdom: ‘Never open the door to a lesser evil, for other and greater ones invariably slink in after it.’.

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His demand was not met, but his sanction was eased off: I think it should be on everyone’s essential reading list. There were a few standout aphorisms for me: It is the misfortune of the over-celebrated that they cannot measure up to excessive expectations. True eminences are rare, so temper your esteem. By exaggerating, you squander your praise and reveal a lack of knowledge and taste.

And not in mind: In everything, though, prudence is the main key that keep one afloat in the changes and risks of graciah society.

The Art of Worldly Wisdom by Baltasar Gracián

May 07, Erdogan Cicek rated it really liked it. His visions sour and cynical terrified his superiors. I recommend it to every man woman or child that wants to live their very best.

She makes people contented or discontented with themselves. Why not post a question or comment yourself?

Machiavelli, like Nietzsche, has been misused by the unscrupulous and decried by the ignorant; also, IMHO, both writers were actually better historians and analysts than they were philosophers per se. Here is where you find links to related content on this site or other sites, possibly including full books or essays balthaasr Balthasar Gracian written by other authors featured on this site.


Of all this she is capable if not held in check by the wisest of wills. I own Martin Fischer’s translation tracian when I opened it up to read it, it made no sense to me grammatically or syntactically. Jul 15, Jacopo rated it it was amazing Shelves: He spent time in Huesca, where he befriended the local scholar Vincencio Juan de Lastanosa, who helped him achieve an important milestone in his intellectual upbringing.

Aug 24, Nick rated it it was amazing. Not all were born into a period worthy of them, and many so born failed to benefit by it. One has to realise that others are playing the game, too. The remarkable best-seller — a long-lost, year-old book of wisdom on how to live successfully yet responsibly in a society governed by self-interest — as acute as Machiavelli yet as humanistic and scrupulously moral as Marcus Aurelius.

Entre varias de las ideas se puede subrayar el dar una apariencia coherente, el hablar lo necesario, reflexionar bien, rodearse de amigos y nunca excederse en el trato. Want to Read saving….

The Art of Worldly Wisdom Index

He had the arrogance of those which know their talent. Jan 20, Feathers Scott rated it it was amazing. I have friends who read The Prince like a bible, and its true that Machiavelli is worthy of repeated study, both as a period piece and window into the Renaissance Italian soul, and as possibly the most notorious treatise on Realpolitik ever written.

One of the best books about, for lack of a better expression, how life and the world work, the importance of image and perception and being smart in general. But the philosopher, being ageless, has one advantage: Thus the stupidity of a crowd is lost in admiration, even as the brain of an individual uncovers the trick. Sometimes making me think of the state of the world now, how to know when to fold ’em, not to hold to opinions too stubbornly, remember to already live and not leave living to old age, and the “act as though always on view” sounds interesting.


Aug 25, Justarius rated it it was amazing Shelves: The author stresses the importance of taking ever-changing circumstances into qorldly, as aphrosim’s tips may not apply on every occasion.

Just click the link below. Also, this translation is, I feel, much better than those I’ve seen marketed under the variant title Art of Worldly Wisdom. She sets to rights even the understanding. Though half bitter and half sweet, it is more satisfying to the taste.

The Art of Worldly Wisdom

But at the bottom it is a fine analysis of the social balthasad and way to evolve in society. View all 5 comments. It redeems the bad and perfects the good. Refresh and try again.

Excellent series of tne that people from all walk’s of life can enjoy and learn from. Quite as important as a gallant advance is a well-planned retreat. Gracian’s Art of Worldly Wisdom is a collection of maxims containing excellent, practical advice; very Senecan, and, at times, Machiavellian in sentiment but much more applicable than The Prince.

Robert Greene strip-mined Gracian for 48 Laws of Power, but again IMHO, it’s always best to refer back to the seminal source even after being presented with as good a digest as Greene presented. Dio non viene quasi mai nominato in questo suo libro. He acquired fame as a preacher, although some of his oratorical displays, such as reading a letter sent from Hell from the pulpit, were frowned wissom by his superiors.