if aFile ends with “.cwk” then open aFile set docName to name of front document — extension. set prevTIDs to AppleScript’s text. Mass Conversion of Two Years of Docs from AppleWorks (CWK) to Plain or script to batch convert AppleWorks documents to plain text files?. So a former administrator left quite a legacy of documents in Claris Works and/or AppleWorks. Is there any way to batch convert them into a.

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How can I batch convert old Apple Works files?

This thread is closed to new comments. Unzip, then open the script in the Script Editor.

After the two hours at the apple store and 45 minutes on the phone with Tech support, my problem was solved. This is was, for years, I delivered scripts relying upon undocumented attributes. Sep 9, 6: I’d like to thank patrix for his bash script. I keep an old mac around just for holding on to Appleworks documents. Thanks for the reply. cknvert

Thanks awfully for the pointer, though – looks like I might be able to fathom it out. Batch convert files recursively You are starting on wrong basis. If this is too much shellscript magic for your taste I can post a script sometime this weekend.

To use the script, save it as a script or as an “Application Bundle”. For education it is the best software ever developed for showing seamles interaction of all computing environments.

How can I batch convert old Apple Works files? | The Tech Guy

I have downloaded this Script and have tried to run it several times, but it will not work. If the script also deleted the original AppleWorks file, that would be even better, but not required.


Thanks for trying, Sometimes you need to take a little action to help yourself. Manca Weeks 5. Super User works best with JavaScript enabled.

I could do it vatch it’s too random to do a find and replaceeither in a text editor or by obtaining a copy of AppleWorks and re-saving them as plain text. The scripts you link to require the version of Pages in iWork ’09 in order to function. Posted on Sep 8, 4: So the odds are that your documents were one of those types that the iWork apps can’t open even if they are AppleWorks 6. It’s been a while bwtch I last looked at this script. Open the script in the Script Editor, then scroll down a few lines.

The description below, copied from the English notes at the head of the script, should answer your questions. You are starting on wrong basis.

Mass Conversion of Two Years of Docs from AppleWorks (CWK) to Plain Text? | Ask MetaFilter

Is there an application or script to batch convert AppleWorks documents to plain text files? Couple of questions before I do the conversion: Oct 5, Tue Nov 20, 3: Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

If I read Yvan’s revision dates notes not included in the quoted portion above correctly, this script is a late update of the earlier early script referred to in Roger’s post. But there’s thousands of files Thanks cateye and iljitsch. Will converting the files do anything to the original documents?


I’m not sure we have a copy of AppleWorks anywhere, but I can ask around. BBedit will also open nearly anything to extract text.

Also, I’m able to open bqtch old. The documents appear in Finder without extensions and the system has given them exe icons despite categorizing them as Documents. The only thing it will drop is tables elements. Possibly TextSoap might be easier. Dec 4, 5: Post as a guest Name. The application is no longer bundled conevrt OS X, and I’m not paying for it, so what’s the best and quickest way to convert the files to plain text?

Thanks again for helping Barry. Mar 24, Posts: LibreOffice doesn’t install any default Automator Actions so I can’t build a service for it. When we reinstalled it, it worked. AppleWorks still comes with all the iComputers. It may xonvert more reliable for your files to send them to someone who has AppleWorks and have them saved as RTF or something for you.

I have Pages ’09, do you think I need the earlier version? I’ll see if I can remember to bring my G5 home from work.

The file then recursively opens vwk file and saves a copy of the file as a Pages document within the same directory. It looks like it’s time to resurrect an old G4 machine and put an old version of iWorks on it. Sign up using Email and Password.