Analyse av boka Bend it like Beckham, som også er blitt filmatisert. I am going to analyze a novel written by Narinder Dhami, based on a. Bend it like Beckham. Narinder Dhami. (Hodder Children’s Books). pp, , RRP £, Paperback, based on the original screenplay. Look at the following extract from the book ‘Bend it like Beckham’ and then The following words appear in the extract from Narinder Dhami’s book ‘Bend it like.

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Can’t see the preview? How to print the digital edition of Books for Keeps: Jill Murphy is interviewed by Joanna Carey. Thanks to Walker Books for their help with this September cover.

Children’s Books – Reviews – Bend it like Beckham | BfK No.

Doubtless many young people who read this novel will already have seen the film on which it is based. Jess, a British girl of Asian descent, fresh from A-level studies, loves football. Jess has two problems, though.


Firstly, she is a girl who wants to play football and secondly, her family not only expects her to become a little woman, learning to make aloo gobi and behave in a manner conducive to securing a nice Indian boy for lke husband, but to become the modern version of that stereotype – a little woman with an education and a topnotch career as a solicitor.

Bend it pokes gentle fun beckha the community which lies at its heart. The book is as filled with Indian family stereotypes ddhami a Woody Allen film is with Jewish ones. Of course, as in Allen’s films, here the stereotyping is done by an insider – and only an insider is presumably allowed to send up a group, be it a religious, gender or racial one, with impunity.

Bend It Like Beckham by Narinder Dhami

In addition, an insider gets laughs based on the degree of accuracy of the send-up. Such stereotypes invariably receive a split reaction. Some find it funny. Others think that such stereotypes are humiliating to that community.


The book does, however, also have some interesting and serious elements, not narinded of which is the fact that an Asian girl is an ordinary everyday heroine. The plot itself is interesting in that Jess not only wants to do something different with her life, but to do something utterly and completely different.

Other issues might have been delved into more deeply – Jess’s best friend Tony is gay, for example, but this is not explored. Bend it like Beckham View Rearrange.

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