Benzoflex™ by Eastman Chemical Company is a high solvating plasticizer known for its exceptional performance in PVC, polyvinyl acetate and. Product name: Benzoflex(TM) Plasticizer. Product No.: EAN , P, P, P, P, P For example, Benzoflex™ LC plasticizer was designed to Benzoflex™ is a high solvating plasticizer known for its exceptional.

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DINCHcertainly have some experience as indicated by the production volumes of the substances. Wilson states, that were it not for the higher prices of ASE, it could easily be used as an alternative to the general purpose phthalate plasticisers in a wide range of applications. Front page Bezoflex Previous Next Top.

These blends could be used in many cases as one-to-one replacements for DINP so that major changes to designs and tooling were not necessary.

Producer’s description extracts Lanxess presents GTA as follows: Instead DINA was chosen for further study. Note that Lanxess has indicated significant market experience for adhesives, coatings and inks and examples of full scale experience in a number of other non-polymer traditional DBP and BBP uses.

Sample Report for Indian Import Data of Benzoflex

BBP is mentioned as a benzoflxe component in seals for insulating double glaz-ing BBP Information Centre,but it has not been specifically investigated whether DGD or other benzoates can substitute for BBP for this particular application. Plastisols contain 60 phr plasticiser; milled and calendered PVC contains 50 phr plasticiser; phr meaning parts per parts hard PVC by weight.

ATBC consists of citrate benxoflex three ester bonded butyl groups and one acetyl group bonded to the fourth available oxygen atom, see the structure below. Here they were used as fast fusing stain resistant plasticisers.

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Three times higher water extraction than DEHP. The table also indicates the level of market experience in each application area according to Lanxess ; interpreted from qualitative text by the report benzofkex.

This is also a well known practice with many DEHP uses. It also improves adhesion in acrylic latex caulks Genovique, b. ASE was reported as used for toys by Danish toy manufacturers with contract production in Chinabut was not found in benzzoflex surveys of plasticisers in toys in the Netherlands and Switzerland.

However in the existing production setup, it suffered from a variety of technical drawbacks when compared with DINP: New research initiated needs yet to prove potential for increased production at lower prices.

ATBC is widely used in food contact polymers. Benzoates are generally strong solvents due to the high aromaticity, as are lower molecular weight phthalates such as BBP. The other main component ca. High saponification resistance, especially compared to DEHP, due to Henzoflex chemical structure; this is especially beneficial for articles which come into contact with water and alkalis. Conclusions The producer, Genovique, benzof,ex indicated significant market experience in several of the traditional DBP and BBP specialty plasticiser applications and certain DEHP applications, notably in the non-polymer adhesives, sealants, etc.

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The data available for this study does not allow clear-cut conclusions as regards DINA’s suitability as alternative to DEHP, but DINA could perhaps be worth investigating in future technical explorations for alternatives.


GTA is used as a plasticizer for cellulosic resins and is compatible in all proportions with cellulose acetate, nitrocellulose, and ethyl cellulose. Equivalent to BBP prices. It was also reported as used for toys by Danish toy manufacturers with contract production in China.

Also, some of the marketed plasticiser products consist of several substances, pre-mixed to provide desired performance characteristics. A Danish study Nilsson et al. It has been widely used in cushion vinyl flooring for this purpose, usually in conjunction with BBP; this use has however declined greatly in the s as its high volatility causes unacceptable emissions from end products.

Benzoflex Import Data and Price to India –

It imparts a dry surface to the vinyl, excellent resistance to staining, and physical properties equivalent to DOP. It offers good performance properties, good low temperature flexibility, resistance to extraction by soapy water and good non-migration properties. Compounding easier than with DEHP; calendering: Most plastisols were formulated with phthalates in mind, so utilizing an alternative chemistry, like benzoates, requires formulation adjustments Genovique, DINA is a nearly colourless, clear and practically anhydrous liquid with a hardly noticeable odour.

Others have higher or substantially higher prices. It displays good wet tack, set times and open times. The table also indicates the level of market experience in each application area according to Eastman ; interpreted from qualitative text by the report authors. Conclusions TXIB seems to have some technically relevant characteristics as plasticiser.