Fundamentos da Clínica by Paul Bercherie, , Jorge Zahar edition, Paperback in Portuguese – 1 edition. Paul Bercherie Los fundamentos de la clínica. 1 like. Book. Fundamentos de La Clinica: Paul Bercherie: Books – Amazon. ca.

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Fundamentos da Clínica

To prevent this, the practical and theoretical knowledge constructed around and based upon the notion of psychosis must continue to be developed for those who are interested in madness, not as a syndrome or a disorder that can be regulated, but as a phenomenon that illuminates the fundamentals of the human condition, and touches its limits and contradictions. We hope to be able to approach this discussion at a later time. However, despite their significant contributions — first, regarding psychosis-manic fundammentos Abraham,and second, with regard to schizophrenia Jung, — it can be said that only with Lacan did psychoanalysis come to develop a theory of psychosis that was not based on notions borrowed from the neurosis clinic.

Accordingly, a second step is the following: This may allow different splits to be produced, artificial separations in the approach to cases.

The nosographic entity of maniac-depressive psychosis gave way to the notion of mood disorders. The effects of this damage on mental life predominates in the emotional and volitional areas. With bipolar disorders, psychosis was reduced to the accessory presence of hallucinatory or delusional phenomena.

Le Trimestre Psychanalytique, n. Bleuler, entre psychiatrie et psychanalyse? The dark horizon in this category is preventative medicalization.

This new entity, dementia praecox, would later be called schizophrenia. At least as long as it is not entirely neutralized as a mystery by the biological-cognitive perspective. It begs the question: Fundamfntos patients being tested must be diagnosed in a homogeneous manner. Kraepelin made these similarities prevail over the phenomenological differences.

Fundamentos da Clínica ( edition) | Open Library

The hallucinations, delusions, and corporal occurrences of psychosis, according to a Lacanian reading, come in place of the symbolic framing of these elements, which is impossible for the subject.

At least three major consequences of this change can be seen, in terms of disease classification and clinical application. It became the dominant notion of psychiatry, while at the same time it established the prevalent idea of mental illness xlinica a deficit.

It can be said that throughout the twentieth century, these three disorders characterized the field of psychiatry.


Os fundamentos da clínica: história e estrutura do saber psiquiátrico – ScienceOpen

From clinlca point on, this new inflection virtually blocked the ability to address psychosis as a background structure or deep mental function of which these manifestations are not the only symptoms, nor the most important. They themselves are not the disease, they are part of it, but in general they are nonspecific and may belong to other diseases. We will attempt to indicate, within both the description of diseases and psychiatric classification, how current leanings make psychosis more difficult to recognize, except when disruptive or deficit-related symptoms occur.

The division between neurosis and psychosis is abandoned, as it implies an act of brecherie that extends beyond an empirical statement:. Bercheriep. In the s, randomized double-blind studies were instituted in the United States as the proper procedure for establishing the scientific validity of drugs so that their sale could be authorized nercherie the Food and Drug Administration cf.

The unity of the psychoses based on the structural elements that delineate their specificity has been lost, along with the low rigor that required psychiatrists to pursue the presentation of symptoms and particularities of evolution in every patient, in an attempt to locate the moments of psychosis and the terms with which it was equated cf. This shows the symbolic weight that these terms carry and transmit. Revista Tempo Freudianon. Unlike Bercherif, Lacan was a psychiatrist and entered psychoanalysis through the psychosis clinic.

On a collective level, this contributed to the engenderment of identity groups, bringing together subjects identified by the fact that they belong to a certain pathology p. In creating the name schizophrenia and proposing that it replaced dementia praecox, Bleulerp. This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

These authors point out a paradigm shift that is not limited to the classification of mental diseases, and reaches the question of hegemony among the knowledge that constitutes the psychiatric and psychological clinic, and the sphere of social representations fubdamentos to the individual and to the normal and the pathological. The first is that although it claims to be free of theory, the DSM actually is related with the pragmatism of Peirce and empiricist theses.

In all these clinical manifestations of psychosis, we can recognize a subject with the inability to integrate and develop these dimensions of the human, but who is still concerned with them. Puntualizaciones psicoanaliticas sobre un caso de paranoia Dementia paranoides descrito autobiograficamente.


This is what is underscored by the princeps case of Freudian psychosis theory, which we have already mentioned, the Schreber case Freud, This definition remained more or less unchanged in subsequent editions, including the recently published fifth edition DSM-5but the reference to social adaptation is less hidden in this latter edition, as we can see in two places in the quote below: In the same year that Bleuler published his article, Freudp.

According to Ey, the absence of a rigorous definition does not prevent most clinicians from understanding it in practice with regard to the diagnosis of schizophrenia:. It is beyond scope of fundamfntos work to go deeper into the psychoanalytic reading of psychosis initiated by Freud and formalized by Lacan. He only used the term paranoia to describe the latter case. This is the same statement we have maintained regarding psychosis.

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As a matter of fact, schizophrenia came to replace a wide variety of clinical conditions that can only be gathered into a single entity by their deficient nature. The first line, the one of the dissociation, consists of the breakdown of life related to the psyche, the internal discordance of psychological phenomena.

Psicopatologia e semiologia dos transtornos mentais. The stated intention of these modifications was to create as much consensus as possible in psychiatric classifications, regardless of which school the psychiatrist followed. Freud,p. With regard to the first question, the authors demonstrate that the empiricist assumption, which requires so-called objective evidence, has obvious affinities with the physicalist view of mental illness Russo, Venancio,p. What Hecker added was the identification of anomalies in syntactic construction and a tendency to deviate from the normal way of speaking and writing — formal changes in language that, according to Hecker, express a profound breakdown of the Ego and are early indications of the intellectual weakening that will occur later.

The cognitive slant of the DSM will reinforce this approach. On this point, the manual indicates: