Corina Bogdan I) Obiective v generale: formarea studenţilor pentru Testarea intelectului, Editura Fundaţiei România de Mâine, Bucureşti Nicolae Mitrofan, este o colecţie de tehnici şi strategii constituite pentru a permite o evaluare . Statisticile descriptive: grafice, modul de prezentare, de manipulare. 11 See Volkoff, Vladimir, Dezinformarea, armă de război, Editura Incitatus, Bucureşti, pp. 12 See Ficeac, Bogdan (), Tehnici de manipulare, Editura. prieten Pictorul Nicolae Grigorescu. Uploaded by. prieten Bogdan Ficeac – Tehnici de Manipulare v Uploaded by. prieten

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The colonel later came and loaded the wounded terrorist suspects onto a bus and off they went. Himself archive footage Emil Bobu I wrote a short article in November that was published bogda two different forms in 22 and Sfera Politicii in December —the mood in Romania was euphoric as seven years of the Iliescu regime had just come to an end through the ballot box.

They noted the civilians and soldiers who had witnessed this find, and mentioned that a certain Spiru Zeres had filmed the whole sequence, cassettes that were available for the military procuracy.

He had on three layers of clothing and several ids. That night, fighting intensified, with pitched battles at the defense ministry, television headquarters, airports and other strategic locations in the capital. It thus came comparatively late in the dissertation process. Those Who Have Told Us the Truth [1] As opposed to the aforementioned Vladimir Belis, Pavel Corut, and Dan Voinea, all of whom who have strenuously and repeatedly denied the existence and use in December of atypical munitions of dum-dum bullets and vidia bullets, gogdan exist those who have told us of the existence and use of these in December They told me they were working on it, and they showed me two or three requests and that was it.

October « The Archive of the Romanian Revolution of December

Out of enthusiasm, a Militia soldier abandons his platoon and decides to fight for the cause of the Revolution. Tales from the Golden Age The Johns Hopkins University Press,p. Scholars generally agree on what transpired during the first phase of the Nicolze Revolution, which started in the provincial city of Timisoara, near the Hungarian and Yugoslav borders, on December 17, No opinions are explicitly offered, and no history or explanation provided, beyond what the camera sees.


In the s — having spent millions razing much of historic Bucharest to build his 3. To suggest to him that that is how he would end up if…. Here is what he said: Age of Panic On the other hand, Vladimir Tismaneanu is quoted as once having memorably said: You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

They tied him to the stretcher, but although he appeared rather frail, at a given moment he ripped the restraints off. Was this review helpful to you? To do so, he slashed imports and sharply increased exports without regard to domestic needs. Lost…during Investigation Bullets, Lies, and Videotape: At the end of the conversation, he attempted to convince me that we shot amongst ourselves [ie there was no real enemy, no terrorists].

At the Emergency Hospital 13 suspected of being what we call terrorists were interned. It should tell you something that they continue to rely on bobdan repeat the accounts they wrote in and …as if nothing had been discovered or written since.

But instead, another man appears, transforming the relationship between the mother and daughter. This is indeed the great and perhaps tragic irony of what happened in December bogdwn Romania: To this must be added what is little talked about or acknowledged as such today: Former Securitate officer-turned journalist, novelist, and celebrity, Pavel Corut, has written alternatively derisively and sarcastically—well-nigh tauntingly—about the existence of such atypical ammunition and its use in December A more systematic mind probably would have come to these revelations long before I did.

Himself archive footage Emil Bodnaras After they would undergo this summary interrogation, most of them were released. It is true, however, that once having consolidated power, the plotters did try to slow, redirect, and even stifle the nicooae momentum of the revolution, and that the revolutionary push from below after December pushed them into reforms and measures opening politics and economics to competition that they probably would not have initiated on their own.


The chaos that would have ensued—with likely multiple alternative power centers, including geographically—would have likely led to a far greater death toll and could have enabled those still betting on the return of the Ceausescus to after a time reconquer power or seriously impede the functioning of any new government for an extended period.

Cine l-a ucis pe fiul meu?

I’m a historian and fairly wonky in these matters, but even so, it took me a good few minutes to get accustomed to the idea that the film’s narrative was going to be simply what the camera was showing. In as an officer in the Habsburg Army ethnic Romanian Apostol Bologa is torn between remaining loyal to the Habsburgs or deserting to the Romanian Army across enemy lines. My timing was fortuitous, however. Beyond this, I would underscore however a deficit that results directly from the choice of the author to classify her sources based on how the source defines the events: To the question of whether he informed the Military Procuracy?

Nor does Teodoru Ungureanu believe in terrorists, vidia bullets, dum-dum bullets, or atypical ammunition:.

Archive for October, 2010

Instead, it took the accidental, simultaneous ordering of issues from and of the vigorous anti-Iliescu regime university publication NU Clujthe similarly oppositional Zig-Zag Bucharestand the former Securitate mouthpiece Europa to discover this.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Dialog-marturie cu general r Nicolae Militaru. To suggest to xe that that is how he would end up if… —If Bogxan talk. Sergiu Tanasescu, interview by Ion K.