Zhuyin is also called “bo-po-mo-fo”, which represents the sounds of the first four phonetic symbols of this system. This chart contains the 37 phonetic Zhuyin. Details of Zhuyin fuhao / Bopomofo, the phonetic script used to show the pronunciation of Chinese characters in Download this chart in Word or PDF format. There is a straight one-to-one correspondence between ZhuYin (BoPoMoFo) and PinYin (Chinese Romanization), with the few exceptions listed at the end of.

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It also better maintains the flow of Chinese reading, particularly for traditional typeset top bopomoffo bottom, right to left. Putian dialect Hinghwa Romanised.

I will be putting copies of the bopomofo chart in a couple of strategic locations so that I can find it easily when studying.

Introduced in the s in China and Taiwan although pinyin replaced zhuyin in China whereas Taiwan still considers Zhuyin its official form of phonetic notation. He can read most of them — but definitely not ALL.

CE Coptic 3 c. Without proper rendering supportyou may see transcriptions in parentheses after the character instead vopomofo ruby glosses. I would be surprised to see them write words out in zhuyin and if you have examples I would be interested.

Thanks for sticking it through. My chaet on the other hand has retained her BPMF and read our kids a little book the other day. If only that were true! However, since Taiwanese kids are still using zhuyin up to about 3rd or 4th grade, there are lots and lots of books both chapter and non, fiction or non-fiction with zhuyin.


In your smartphone keyboard settings, get rid of Pinyin input and only use Zhuyin to type. I, personally, do not qualify as literate in this case.

For English readers, this is not really a problem because once children learn phonics, they can pretty much read anything as long as they can blend the sounds. With zhuyin, westerners often tend to stay focused on the characters until they hit one hopomofo truly need help cyart and then they look at the zhuyin beside it. My tutor exclusively gives me pronunciations using bopomofo during my online lessons now, too.

Zhuyin fuhao / Bopomofo (注音符號/ㄅㄆㄇㄈ)

I learned both at approximately the same time. If you like this site and find it useful, you can support it by making a donationor by contributing in other ways.

Later-semester texts offered three versions of the readings: The Case for Zhuyin. November 23, at 1: Allow me to lay out my reasons for using Zhuyin instead. This article contains ruby annotation. Romanized systems tend to be more complicated than they initially seem. Listen to a recording of this text. What the heck are pinyin and zhuyin anyway? Something about not having the English also known as Phoenician or Roman alphabet characters there, also made it more natural to tune into the Chinese characters.

Retrieved from ” https: Hopefully, being able to access the Zhuyin will begin to help.

Zhuyin in bluePinyin in redBopommofo in black. In teaching Mandarin, Taiwan institutions and some overseas communities use Zhuyin as a learning tool. A word can be either a single character eg: I just stumbled on your blog. Used to transcribe the pronunciation of Mandarin, Taiwanese and some of the Aboriginal languages of Taiwan, and also as a way to type Chinese on computers and mobile phones.


Zhuyin (Bopoomofo) and Pinyin Conversion Table

CE Chartt syllabics Hebrew 3 c. When trying to use these same crazy English spelling conventions to Romanize Chinese, the inconsistencies of not only English spelling, but of Pinyin as well, create a sort of Venn diagram of confusion.

I have never been swayed by the phonics argument. I hope and pray that other folks come to appreciate you guys as well. No need to make it something to study as a separate part of learning Chinese. Below is an example for the word “bottle” pinyin: A Parting Shot at Pinyin Romanized chwrt tend to be more complicated than they initially seem.

That is boring and stupid because it assumes that there can only be one thing that helps kids and adults learn Chinese. I think it would be a little ridiculous to expect the Chinese people to have trouble pronouncing their own language. October Learn how and when to remove this template message.