Get in-depth information on Bosch NDNVP IP Dome camera including detailed technical specifications. Besides, view the entire catalog of Bosch. Unavailable. Bosch FlexiDome 2X NDNVP; Network camera; dome; outdoor; dustproof / weatherproof / vandal-proof; colour (Day&Night). View more . : Bosch Security Video NDNVP Ip Flexidome 2x Day/ night 1/3incpnt mm H Ntsc Poe: Audio Video Accessories And Parts.

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Display Stamping Web Interface 9. Customer service Maintenance Indicates a potentially hazardous situation. If not avoided, this could result in property damage or risk of damage to the unit.

Bosch NDN-498V03-11P

Equipment change or modification could void the user’s guarantee or authorization agreement. Federal Communications Commission, helpful: This booklet is available from the U. Disposal – Your Bosch product was developed and manufactured with high-quality material and components that can be recycled and reused. This symbol means that Bosch notices Video loss Video loss is inherent to digital video recording; therefore, Bosch Security Systems cannot be held liable for any damage that results from missing video information.

To minimize the risk of lost digital information, Bosch Security Systems recommends multiple, redundant recording systems, and a procedure to back up all analog ndj-498v03-11p digital information. Fast, convenient configuration using the integrated Web server and a browser — Firmware update through flash memory — Convenient upload and download of configuration data Bosch Security Systems Installation and Operation Manual Introduction en ARB v1.

The browser application has an icon for saving the video images provided by the unit as a file on your computer’s hard drive. Clicking this icon stores the video sequences and they can be replayed with the Player from Bosch Security Systems included with the package.

Configuration settings can be stored as files on a computer and copied from one camera to boach. System Information Operation with external systems The camera can be used with a variety of Bosch software and hardware systems: The Divar Series of digital video recorders can view and record images from the camera via a network connection.

The Divar Series controls the camera so that the correct settings are used. To disassemble the unit proceed as follows: Using the special screwdriver bit, loosen the three tamper- resistant screws in the trim ring the screws remain in place. Remove the ndn-498v03–11p ring with dome by pulling it off of the base. Remove the inner liner by pulling it off of the base.

Use the surface mount box as a template for surface installation; use the paper template for flush installation. Suspend the camera base from the plastic hook inside the surface mount box until the connections are made. The surface mount box can be attached to a 4S box if required.

In the menu system, configure the alarm input as active low or active high. In the menu system, configure the relay output to operate as either normally open NO or normally closed NC. For flush mounted units, secure the camera module mounting base to the ceiling or wall. Do not change this selection as the ndn-498v0-11p is now in a special mode for adjusting focus. Align the tamper-resistant screws in the trim ring with the threaded ends in the mounting base. Use the supplied special screwdriver bit to tighten the boscn tamper-resistant screws.


Some menus automatically close after about two minutes; other menus have to be closed manually. Enhancements are set to reduce picture noise. Useful for conditional refresh DVR and IP storage systems because reducing noise reduces the amount of storage required.

Camera set-up Infrared Use this mode if the camera is viewing a scene lit by infrared light. Defaults submenu Item Selection Restore All? Select to fully open the iris. Follow the instructions for setting the backfocus for your particular lens type.

Bosch Ndnvps IP – 10 Mm Varifocal Lens Static Dome Camera | eBay

After focusing the object of interest remains in bosdh under bright and low light conditions. Returns to Install menu. If the connection is not established, the maximum number of possible connections may already have been reached. Make sure the devices are configured for the network environment and that the correct IP address for the remote location is set on the Alarm connections configuration page.

A new page containing ARB v1. Section 9 Advanced Mode, page 53 for more information on advanced settings. It is recommended that only expert users or system administrators use the Advanced Mode. Special bosfh are not supported by the internal recording management system. Define and change a separate password for each level while logged in as service or if the device is not protected by a password.

Enter the password for the selected level. Certain applications for example, Bosch Video Management System use the IP address for the unique assignment of the device. If using these applications, the DHCP server must This page provides nd-n498v03-11p information on the hardware and firmware system, including version numbers. No items can be changed on this page but they can be copied for information purposes when troubleshooting. Clicking Set saves only the settings in the current window.

Changes in any other windows are ignored. This user can operate the device, play back recordings, and also control a camera but cannot change the configuration. Enter the current date. Since the device time is controlled by the internal clock, it is not necessary to enter the day of the week — it is added automatically.

If there are empty lines at the bottom of the table, for example after deletions, add new data by marking the row and selecting values from the list boxes. If the Custom option is selected, enter values in the X and Y position fields. Display milliseconds If necessary, display milliseconds for Time stamping. This information can be useful for recorded video images; however, ARB v1. Select On for the transmitted video images to be watermarked.


After activation, all images are marked with a green Bsoch. A red W indicates that the sequence live or saved has been manipulated. Show event log The event messages are displayed with the date and time in a field next to the video image. File for system log Enter the path for saving the system log here. If necessary, click Bosfh to find a suitable folder. Maximum data rate field. Maximum data rate This maximum data rate is not exceeded under any circumstances.

Depending on the video quality settings for the ARB v1. The basic setting Auto automatically adjusts to the optimum combination of movement and image definition focus. Alternatively, use the slider to set a value between 9 and A value of 51 results in a very high refresh rate and lower image quality. Default Click Default to return the profile to the factory default values.

Deactivate the display of the video images if the performance of the computer is adversely affected by the decoding of the data stream. Bosch Security Ndn-498v03-1p H. If you do not want any audio data to be transmitted, select Off. Smart BLC Settings optimized to nddn-498v03-11p details in high contrast and extremely bright-dark conditions.

Sensitivity up Selects the factor by which the sensitivity of the camera is increased OFF, 2x, 3x, etc. Auto tracking white balance allows the camera to continually adjust for optimal color reproduction.

Puts ATW on hold and saves the color settings. Line lock to lock to the power supply frequency; — Internal for free running camera operation. Ticker bar Switches a ticker bar on the live image on or off.

A confirmation screen appears. Allow 5 seconds for the camera to optimize the picture after a mode reset. The default IP address is restored. Connect to the camera again using this address.

The VRM is an external program for configuring recording tasks for video servers. For further information, contact your local customer service at Bosch Security Systems. Check the boxes for the Overwrite older recordings option to specify which older recordings can be ARB v1. Click a storage medium in the Managed storage media list to select it. Click Remove below the list. The storage medium is deactivated and removed from the list.

Enter the required retention time in hours or days for each recording. Recording 1 corresponds to Stream 1, Recording 2 corresponds to Stream 2. Click the date to be deleted.

The selection is removed from the table and the window is closed. Repeat for any other dates to be deleted. These settings cannot be changed.