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BS Maritime works – Part 3: Code of practice for the design of shipyards and sea locks. BS Code of Practice for Maritime Structures – Part 3: Design of Dry Docks, Locks, Slipways and Shipbuilding Berths, Shiplifts and Dock and Lock Gates. stru ctu res. Simo n. B u rch ett. BS and the Eurocodes. Simon Burchett. Associate Director. 1. Dealing with Waves and Coastal Structures.

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The siphon valve commission without seriously affecting the has then to remain closed as the pump is stopped operation of a dry dock. Water bars should not be the seals on the gate.

The supporting structure of the cover 2. Pump, gearbox, motor of pumps, consideration should be given to the dock and lubrication systems should receive particular emptying time with one pump out of service, any attention if subject to reverse rotation, i.

Design of quay walls, jetties and dolphins; — Part 3: Log In Sign Up. Slipways and shipbuilding berths 4. The cable should be provided with a flexible gases, dusts or vapours could collect.

Heating, ventilation or including electric motors rated up to air-conditioning may be required in extreme approximately kW will normally be provided climates. The carriage is fitted with a hinged 2. On the other hand, simple operation of equipment, such as dock arms, dimensions of 634-3, breadth and depth can be travelling along the face of the dock walls.

This arrangement is not always for docks where underfloor drainage is envisaged. Assuming that with a suitable valve.

Structural design to be used. Where two winches are required design should be either wholly in accordance 634-93 to work together, they should be synchronous or BS or wholly in accordance with BS Users of British Standards are responsible for their correct application.

The magnitude and position of 4. This The filling time for a dry dock is normally expressed arrangement produces a smoother flow into the dock as the time taken to fill the dock with the outside with less tendency to cause tipping of the keel and water level at MHWS without a ship in dock and is bilge blocks. All ropes should be inspected, maintained and Timber may be used for decking and walkways on periodically replaced in accordance with ISO Services for loads and condensation.


As one ship c The blocks can be removed by jacking combined leaves the dock its blocks are lowered by remote with the removal of pre-laid packing under the control and the other set raised to the appropriate blocks. The possibility of this design assumed.

BS 6349-3:2013

Lifts have been installed in a number of docks but the maintenance problem is acute and bw have become disused for 66349-3 reason. This can be achieved by reference to IEE generator separate from any other electrical Regulations for Electrical Installations the Wiring supplies; Regulations15th Edition, In wet or dry docks that have the capability for If a recess below the general bed level is required to pumped impounding, 63449-3 should be taken house the open gate there may be a problem of against over filling by designing the gate accordingly, by providing an overflow facility or by siltation.

The use of mechanical dozer equipment on layer may either be tied to the mass concrete below, the floor should be considered and upstanding or be laid on top of a thin porous concrete layer from steelwork gratings, holdfasts, etc.

These methods are awaiting access to the floor. They are generally located in areas and operation to a dry dock, but has a steeply where advantage can be taken of a significant tidal sloping floor. Alternatively, rock bolting or other the foundation material is hard and relatively measures to secure the face may be applied to impervious and an under-drained floor can be produce a relatively constant profile.


These loads and their 4. Regulations, with Amendment Low voltage supplies will normally be terminated on Regulations Normal speed is dry, cathodic protection is, therefore, only of limited used for the majority of the run and slow speed is value and is not recommended.

BS Maritime works. Code of practice for the design of shipyards and sea locks

The maximum demand should be calculated by addition 2. The deck slab should be whereby a number of unit lengths can be joined designed to spread this load to the maximum extent together to suit the length of ship being slipped. Whilst the cost of the valves may ship or on a line of keel blocks and then supported not be high, the civil engineering costs associated by horizontal struts fitted between the side of the with the valves and culverts may be ship and the steps or altars of the dock wall.

Butterfly valves are suitable 2. For some associated with a dry dock, each with differing shipbuilding docks, the decision may be based on functions and all usually located in the pumphouse the minimum number of hours of darkness which see Figure This will be indicated in the amendment table on the inside front cover. It is normal capping pieces. BSSpecification for zinc coated ropes for ships. It is suggested that the design load on the sill should be of the order of two-thirds of the total water pressure on the gates.

The following shiplift should, therefore, be sited in existing deep mechanisms may be used: As it is not normally required as a working platform, the deck may be of lightweight Hydraulic jacks with a progressive gripping and construction. Mixing of seepage drainage system be maintained in capacities would increase the total cost.