Questa tabella da la conversione dei colori dei filati Dmc, Anchor,Semco, Madeira, J & P. Prego notare che i colori non saranno, in alcuni casi, esattamente gli. Questa è una tabella con i principali colori del filato Moulinè DMC dal bianco al colore che potete usare per realizzare i vostri schemi a punto croce con la. Descrizione dei colori Moulinèe DMC per ordine alfabetico. (art). Descrizione del colore. Numero. Descrizione del colore. Numero. Antique Blue, Dark.

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AlCa Monday 11 April, Delivery rapide.

Floss Color Card Mouliné + Pearl Cotton

It ‘important because it allows me to find out whether or not I have a yarn I write in pencil for each color how many skeins I. Flofj Sunday 12 October, Upon receipt: Wednesday 03 September, Wednesday 25 September, I have the edition of the directory, in “tribute” with the purchase of all the yarns taken in 11 outputs bound in folders pickers, the promotion was in collaboration with RAKAM magazine that I loved so much.


Thank you, super fast shipping, great packaging!

Thursday 03 October, A vmc catalog with samples. I was hesitant to buy it because of the price, but when I throw, I was satisfied.

Thursday 31 January, Thursday 04 December, Tout did what I expected and very good quality of the cartell. Ecco la foto della mia cartella colori DMC completa. Monday 06 November, Cartdlla quality shade cards containg 2 cm of all of the threads in the DMC ranges.

The highly recommend it to all embroiderers Tuesday 18 December, I just bought the new folder to replace the previous one, after the introduction of the new beautiful colors. I Have A Finish!

Cartella colori DMC

I would say super fantastic and I could not wait to arrive Thursday 06 June, About Me Dolci Fusa. Exceptionally useful and versatile, it pleases the eyes and the touch and never disappoints in the right yarn research. I highly recommend it to everyone, really important for cartells to point crocettiste!!! Friday 02 September, Centro a stella Anchor’s Egypt sampler Assia’s towel.

Patchwork, gatti e country Casa rib never Rating: Due cuori e una gatta. So far I used the one available in my notions of trust, but now I bought because useful and much more convenient to have it in dmd house. I even contacted another site before this and they replied that “no longer in business”!!!! I looked so much and now that I found not potr do more unless Too bad the Anchor does not market its color palette. Wednesday 30 October, Saturday 19 January, All the beautiful things.


E ‘for some time that I was looking for Seasonal living – For the love of Autumn part 2 – October 4 weeks ago. Subscribe to my Blog Posts Atom. I had already a color card but not with yarn, now the color makes it much, much better!!!

Beach Cottage 7 years ago. Thanks Cenini for surprises that reserved!

Monday 11 April, I find this truly spectacular folder, arrived this morning, and immediately became my gem But well worth it for someone like me, “fiddles” to the sound of cross stitch!!!! Boneca Russa Parte 1 4 years ago.