05/ Twido. Programmable Controllers. Modular and Compact Bases. Hardware Guide. 05/ Twido. Programmable controller. Your peace of mind. Catalogue. October. Courtesy of Steven Engineering, Inc. ○ Ryan Way, South San Francisco, CA . Three ranges: Twido Compact, Twido Modular and Twido Extreme Program and set-up your Twido controllers even in the most inaccessible places using.

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These non isolated serial ports allow Twido compact and modular base controllers to communicate according to 4 protocols: The new generation of advanced test equipments for Relays, Energy meters, Transducers and Power quality meters Testing all relay technologies: Twjdo output signal is proportional to measured frequency and is either load independent DC Current or load independent DC Voltage.

Above this temperature, derating is necessary up to a maximum temperature of 60 C. Event processing b Event management by the application.

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There are four references available in the Optimum range of Phaseo power supplies: MHz 50 khz khz: LED signaling for each input, common return per 8. AB 8REM power supplies do not have an anti-harmonic filter and do not satisfy the requirements of standard concerning harmonic pollution.

It provides seamless continuity for applications created using TwidoSoft. At the PC end, the TwidoSuite software catlogue associate a special modem connection that will be memorized in the project including the telephone number to use. This link may be of the common, modem or wireless type using Bluetooth technology.

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cxtalogue To be ordered separately: Less Installation Space and Wiring Required. Due to their low power, the Modular range of Phaseo power supplies consume very catslogue harmonic current and thus are not subject to the requirements of standard concerning harmonic pollution.

The Twido Extreme controller is compatible with application programs for Twido Compact and Modular bases. The instances thus confi gured can be run within the program. Cable length Reference Pre-formed cables pre-formed cable: For optimum performance, use a Pocket PC with integrated Bluetooth technology.


Acts on room temperature control More information.

Automation & Control Twido Programmable controller Your peace of mind. Catalogue October – PDF

Modicon M Selection Guide Optimize your simple machines For electrical equipment, conformity of the product to standards indicates that it is suitable for use. TML Series, 5 to 30 Watt.

For more information on the installation of AS-Interface, please refer to section 5 of our Machines and Installations with Industrial Communications catalogue. In the event of a power failure, the data context reverts to its initial state, including twiod date and time, which causes the application to perform a cold restart. To improve heat dissipation, the power supplies must not be in contact with each other.

Relay monitored parameters Characteristics voltage control relay RMU – range Modular base controller RJ45 connector. The pollution level does not take account of more severe environmental twidi The e marking under the terms of this Directive is compulsory as of January, Parameter Group Number Description: Output channels to 7 are of the relay type.

Oil resistant For standard environmentse marking: Compactness b High functionality in a minimum of space b Freedom in implementation Openness b Compliance with field bus, connection, and software standards b Enabling decentralised or remote surveillance via the web with Transparent Ready products.

Application-specific software is provided. Analogue output modules are used to control the preactuators in devices such as variable speed drives, valves and applications that require process control. Counter function The counter function allows the controller to count a large number of pulses, within twudo program scan cycle.

The e marking on the products covered by this Directive has been compulsory since January, The use of a slave device with a master that has a lower conformity class e. PWM function 7 khz The PWM function block generates pulses of fixed frequency, with a variable ratio between the high state and low state of the output signal.

These power supplies are designed for direct mounting on catalobue mm 5 rails, or on a ctaalogue plate using their retractable fi xing lugs.


Program modifi cations can therefore be made directly in the Catalgue controller. The is powered by 5 Vdc provided on Cataloggue 1 of the serial communications. Bluetooth wireless link The ideal solution during the debug phase, the Catalotue wireless link provides the convenience of total freedom of movement within a radius of 0 m around the Twido controller.

CPUs to the process modules. The material used for the cable sheath causes the holes made by the IDCs to reseal themselves as soon as the connectors are removed, so maintaining the IP 67 degree of protection of AS-Interface cabling accessories. The maximum values cannot be cumulated. Series or parallel connection is only recommended for products with identical references.

Large-scale integration, space-saving, powerful. In the event of an overload or short-circuit, the integrated protection interrupts the current supply before the output voltage drops below 9 V c. They can be assembled quickly using a knife and cutting pliers no special tools are required.

The connection task is guided step-by-step, so that all the actions performed by TwidoSuite choice of connection, test of the connected controller, selection of the transfer performed can be followed. TWD MDA catxlogue base controllers can be fitted simultaneously with an optional memory cartridge module, a real-time clock cartridge module and a digital display module or serial interface module; both of the latter two modules allow the addition of a second RS or RS C communication port.

These power supplies are designed for direct mounting on 5 and 75 mm 5 rails. Programming Logic controllers Programming Logic controllers Programmable Logic Controller PLC is a microprocessor based system that uses programmable memory to store instructions and implement functions such as logic, sequencing, More information.