A chip-integrated graphene photodetector with a high responsivity of over A W−1, high speed and broad spectral bandwidth is realized through enhanced. Here, we demonstrate a waveguide-integrated graphene photodetector that simultaneously exhibits high responsivity, high speed and broad spectral bandwidth. Englund, “Chip-integrated ultrafast graphene photodetector with high responsivity” Nature Photonics () doi/nphoton

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Quantum Optics in Diamond Nanophotonic Chips. See our FAQ for additional information.

Graphene electro-optic modulator with 30 GHz bandwidth. Xuetao Gan 16 Estimated H-index: References Publications referenced by this paper. Samusenko 1 Estimated H-index: Xuetao GanRen-Jye Shiue.

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This paper has citations.

BIOEE | Chip-integrated ultrafast graphene photodetector with high responsivity

Thomas Mueller 14 Estimated H-index: From This Paper Figures, tables, and topics from this paper. Intrinsic Response Time of Graphene Photodetectors.

High-contrast electrooptic modulation of a photonic crystal nanocavity by electrical gating of graphene. Are you looking for A scanning photocurrent study.

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Chip-integrated ultrafast graphene photodetector with high responsivity

Xiaomu WangZhenzhou Cheng. Spectroscopic ellipsometry of graphene and an exciton-shifted van Hove peak in absorption.

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