But not that long ago Christina Morassi was unrecognizable compared to the star in ascendancy that we see today. Christina often shares pictures of her days as. After working as a healer in Los Angeles, house-sitting and living on $/month, Christina Morassi took a decision to make a big change in. View Christina Morassi [email protected]’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Christina Morassi has 4 jobs listed on their.

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What in the Sam Hill?! Yes, she did, as well as several other skin-crawling videos in which she slinks about while cooing at the camera. So, let me see if I have this.

The only way we can do that is to be sexual and learn how to use our turn ons and feminine wiles to prick tease all the menz in to doing business with us.

She is so gross. I think she cries herself to sleep every night. Means nothing but Curistina wanted them to remember her!

That faux magazine cover is four years old? Oh, Moraesi — look who was fauxtogrifter of the wide-stance, gaping maw fauxto in the loaner dress. Yes, that interview is hilarious. I forgot about the chickens.

She did have about a dozen chickens. And also this apologies if this has been posted already: In my FB feed yesterday: Sorry if my wording was misleading, but no, they were not tagged by someone else.

It was like that. Or diddling yourself in a business meeting. White Ladies Finding Themselves Sisterhoods http: It is just hard for me to separate all these sexualized events with our current president, who has presented such a sexialized persona over the years.

Oh, Pats, look at your life, look at your choices, look at yourself in these photos: What the heck was Pats doing there in the first place?

Why do rich ladies go woo so often? I wondered the same about rich people who are into crystals or aroma therapy or some other woo bullshit. Where do you even buy something like that? I was wondering the same thing, Kendall Jenner wore something very similar a few years back: I have lived in the Bay Area SF and adjacent my entire life and never had I heard it referred to as The Bay until these woos popped on my radar.

My favorite Caenism was Baghdad by the Bay, though I think he was quoting 19th century journalists. Californians are a particular sort. That tragic sweater is making me itch. These people need to understand that having an orgasm is not some divine transformative event. It just requires a functioning brain stem and some basic mechanics. Just, ya know, general business. Seriously, she never specifies who this crap is supposed to be for. They are all so in love with their own body parts.

I prefer my workplace cuddle-free, thanks. Jena la Flamme is not a CEO. None of these faux healers are CEOS. No one who attended this shitshow is Sherry Fucking Lansing. Several of these women are just hoping to find a few suckers to con so that they can make next month’s rent. I mean, we could make up some way better BS to sell than this hogwash, but I suppose we have a conscience that would get in the way.


Excuse me, but they are all CEOs of their imaginary business and they are all bestselling authors. Uh, Jodi Komitor has plastered pictures of herself teaching yoga to kids christjna to women who are in morasi to teach yoga to kids all over the internet. I have never seen a yoga teacher with such horrendous posture. My apologies to her if this is from scoliosis or some other health issue. Did they capture your soul? No, just your low-hangers, some not-fooling-anyone ruching, and some ill-advised crystals.

Valerie Solanas was right about many things. Not, in my opinion, about shooting Andy Warhol, because a pacifism, b Warhol was a christlna, not the disease itself, but many other things. I think she was a genius and the Lili Taylor movie is spot on.

About Christina

Not the most convincing Candy Darling, though. Did anyone play the video all the cbristina through? The story culminates in her using these skills for the first time when she decides to buy a ticket for the next level conference:.

So the moral of the story is: I abhor women like this. I was at a meeting where I was one of three women. At least the women in the bathroom was honest about who she was and what she did, unlike these women who are lot lizards looking for prey and not praise for their work done on two legs.

Yes, I did listen to her story! And yes, I laughed at the christnia Mama Gena story. I can testify to the fact that there are a great many people happy to take my money without my having to seduce them in to it. Hmmm, now that I think of it.

Christina Morassi

She obviously comes from the school of thought that seduction can only be achieved if you talk like a baby and roll your arms around your body. Infectious like scabies energy in that dance video.

I was doing a quick woo look-see on FB and came across a post from Cory Tanner Glazier that features a picture of his kid naked and the following caption:. Most of the woos were cheering the coresters on, but i did enjoy the comment from someone named Sabrina Dreaming:. That picture of the women lying on the floor has a very distinctive Jim-Jones-after-the-Koolaid vibe to it. God only knows what happened next. She appears to have full range of motion in her shoulders as well.

Imagine christija you actually were chrisina CEO and you somehow managed to end up at that woo-shop expecting something resembling a seminar for Morasso. Now imagine the process of trying to morassk your money back. Please take a deep breathe and speak from deep within your Yoni. Skanki has definitely moassi sex in recent years. With boys not much older than he daughter. And interesting, her latest online rant was all about how when she and her latest Christinz broke up, she realized she had been wrong to keep the relationship secret.


Wait, who was she keeping this relationship a secret from? I mean, we knew about it, so presumably her real-life circle chrixtina equally aware. Yep, she is referring to the PleasureCEO. Yes, my first thought too! Funny she seems to have an issue with him calling it penis posse when she touts pussy posse every chance she gets.

Is this any worse than goddess wear and my little yoni dolls? These idiot women exhaust me. And, yesterday was one of those days, for sure. The relationship Rainbow and I have been engaged in for the past 18 months or so is moving into a new stage. Infinite gratitude to E Dan Smith Kiana Prema Connor Bray and Jacki Saorsail for creating a safe container for us to move through what was really challenging and see what neither of us could see alone.

Christina Morassi – Rock Your Purpose. Make Money. Change the World.

But if you have the stomach for it, you should try to read it yourself. This is not a new observation but I admit I am constantly amazed at how non-political these people are. How do they even manage that? Ali Shanti over shares: Most people reading this will not even have known we were in relationship. Before I could be public with our relationship, I needed to reclaim those parts, own them and love them. More on that below. The most brutiful as Glennon Doyle Melton calls it — that piece of life that is both brutal and beautiful piece that I saw was how much we love each other, and how we are the perfect reflections to call each other into the highest and best of ourselves, if we choose to take it.

I saw how I was blaming him for my addiction to relationship with him. And, as a result of that blame, I was able to distance myself from him, and cut him out of my life because he was bad and wrong. When the truth is that, yes, he engaged in some bad behaviors.

And, so did I. When the truth is that I am afraid of how much I am attracted to him, and in that attraction, I have not trusted myself to honor my boundaries in relationship with him.

Because to satisfy it means slipping back into a comfortable pattern of both over-giving and becoming resentful and over-receiving and taking away his power in the process. A young woman is being shaped by this ridiculous, raging narcissist. I feel called to the safe container of the kombucha bar tonight.