Dark Peril (Carpathian Novel, A) [Christine Feehan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Two lovers are bound by the very desires that could . Two lovers are bound by the very desires that could destroy them in this darkly exquisite novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling Carpathian series. Dark Peril has ratings and reviews. Jessica’s said: 2 Bored outta my mind starsFirst read Sept Reread February 26, Okay so I.

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He appreciates her strengths, and other than bringing her to an appreciation of her softer side, he makes no effort to change who she is. Really liked how the storyline progressed.

Phil Gigante does a great job narrating males, but his female voices are hard for me to listen to. I think dual narration was a great choice.

Dark Peril

Solange was exactly the woman for him, with her fierce loyalty, her unfailing courage and her natural sensuality. Your life, happiness, and welfare will be cherished and placed above my own for all time. Now he must choose the side he will fall into. The one who started it all!

It’s cool that Solange’s dominant Royal Jaguar shapeshifter blood can cure certain things, like the parasites the vampires have been infecting Carpathians with, and the black magic of the mages. I read an electronic version of this book that was pages long. There is one ddark where Zev saves the children from an attack, about 2 whole chapters talk about this one attack — whoever wrote this story must be getting paid by the word ; and the whole scene makes no sense. On dzrk of that, after Zev stops the attack, no where throughout the book does he mention it to the other Carpathians or is it even brought up again!

He is the exact opposite of the Prince and Gregori. The only way to save these larger than life men is for them to find their lifemates, those women who have the ability to not only restore what they’ve lost but also complete them.


These christinw are starting to grow on me more, now that I’ve given them a chance. Truly wish she’d done better by Zev and Bronnie than what we got Another keeper in this amazing series. The men use feehsn women like breeding stock and kill any jaguar people that can’t fully shift, which has led their race to the edge of extinction.

Trees hung over the swollen banks of the river, their root systems great gnarled cages, the thick tendrils snaking over the ground to create waves of wooden chfistine. He had a feeling the five who were recruiting the lesser vampires against the Carpathians, had deliberately chosen the De La Cruz territory as their headquarters.

Berkley; Reprint edition October 4, Language: I liked both Solange and Dominic and their story was very good and engaging.

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And her love for the dragonseeker robe that suddenly materialized out of nowhere…. A beautiful love story about trust, love and healing with the Carpathian mate bond. He had to incinerate the writhing mutated leeches before they slipped into the ground and tried to find a way back to their masters. Clearly, it was an uneasy truce between the two species. Oct 04, Pages. I’m pretty sure I had a review for this here on GRs. Outside, two men, human, he was certain, cyristine outside the chriwtine in combat gear, large guns strapped to their shoulders.

Dark Peril (Dark, #18) by Christine Feehan

Truthfully, that was my only issue. I’m wondering if it’ll be Zacharias. But this ended up being a great book. I also liked the scenes that include Zacarias De Chgistine Cruz.

Not bad for a hardcover! The form would help to protect him as he went into the sunlight before reaching the relative shelter of the canopy. Wounded, weary, she plans one last battle, hoping to stop the man who has made an alliance with the vampires, accepting she will not come out alive.


There are so many things about this paring which makes them actually feel like destined mates. I ended up skimming most of the book. See all books by Christine Feehan. He was well aware of her fighting skills easily.

But even if she was—it was far too late. The sorrow was so heavy now, Dominic needed to ease the burden. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. The action scenes in this story sets up future storylines and revelations that Feehan draws a wonderful pic for us by putting as much detail and nuances into the characters, setting, movements.

The one woman who can choose life or death for me. The ground wept with the memories of battle and the slaughters that had taken place here. This did not updates about the Carpathians, and mostly operated in their periphery. Loved how the Jaguar lineage is powerful and how the two species are brought together.

But once Dominick and Solonge make it back out of the cave, the story ramps back up to speed and Dominick’s strike at pedil vampires – with Solonge watching his ddark – and Solonge’s final confrontation against the Jaquar leader – with Dominick returning the favor- finish the story on a high note. His beloved sister had disappeared hundreds of years earlier—he now knew she was dead and her children safe with the Carpathian people. Now all I need to do is patiently wait for the next Carpathian male to come along and steal my heart.

Other differences, good or bad, you decide. The hissing and spitting gave way once again to the calling of the birds and monkeys, fehan time in sharp alarm.