Coral Antipollution Systems Home» About Coral. Coral S.P.A. is a global leader in the Pollution Control Industry that supplies products, systems and services. Home / Press Office / Coral Antipollution Systems air-pollution control and dust extraction systems supplier Kentech is supplying smoke and. CORAL antipollution systeme is known around the world for being highly specialized in the production of components, systems and installations designed to.

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Completa la produzione in tutti i settori antipollutiion prodotti per la depurazione dell’aria tra i quali si evidenziano il banco aspirante ed i bracci aspiranti, e comunque tutti gli impianti per il trattamento aria e per la depurazione fumi.

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Public Protector asks Ramaphosa to discipline Treasury official over dishonesty. The Planet Medium ATEX Inox wet and dry vacuum cleaners are equipped with an innovative system for cleaning the filter where the flow of sucked air is inverted.

Another Eskom equity injection mooted amid R15bn loss warning. Forgot your username or password? The Planet Medium Pneumatic Inox wet and dry vacuum cleaner is powered by compressed air and can be used where there is no electricity, which could antupollution to dangerous situations for people.

Coral is the leading company in the design and construction of industrial filtering systems and industrial air treatment plants. Soundproof boxes made to isolate work areas or machinery and particularly noisy equipment. Suitable for the continuous painting antipollutoon parts, even of large dimensions, the TECNODRY dry painting booth is supplied as standard with lamp and a paper filtering stage, with a two-stage fibre glass filtration on demand.

It is small and light, the extraction towers can be readily mounted directly on roofs and can function freely as well as connected to chimneys.

Wheeled dust separator for the suction of wood dust complete with a plastic collection bag, a switch compliant to EC standard, a polyester filter and a steel fan. Because of its small size, ease of use and efficiency of operation, the wheeled CLEANGO filter is sytems true solution to the problems of extraction, filtration of welding fumes, suction and filtration of solvent vapours, aerosols, in workplaces.

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Greenhouse gas emissions cap poses serious threat, warns activist group. Cabine di Verniciatura Pressurizzate EN. This is directed inside the filter while a mechanical device shakes the whole filter unit.

Coral Milano

These reels are made for suction of exhaust gas. Coral Engineering, forte di un’indiscussa esperienza nel settore dell’aspirazione industriale, ha sviluppato prodotti all’avanguardia come ventilatori, filtri per polveri, filtri elettrostatici nonche’ cabine di verniciatura da applicare nel settore dell’aspirazione industriale dell’aria e di impianti depurazione, oltre ad una gamma di aspiratori carrellati, filtri con pulizia pneumatica, filtri a tasche, cartucce filtranti, ventilatori, aspiratori polveri, e da oltre 50 anni opera con successo e nel rispetto delle norme di antinquinamento dell’aria, dell’acqua e del rumore.

Electrostatic wheeled unit for the extraction and filtration of welding fumes, gases, vapours, aerosols, etc. While the extracted air passes through a centrifugation unit, a antpollution jet of water hits it. Coral develops direct industrial centrifugal fans, centrifugal transmission fans, axial fans, roof fans; in standard version and for potential explosive environmental.

The DIVERTER is studied, designed and tested specifically to safely partition production premises where people work from filters and silos and other parts of the system that are connected to each other, in the event of explosions. Nazeem Martin resigns from Group Five board. In the ICEF wet dust collector polluted air is subjected to the hydro centrifugal treatment.

For over 50 years, the company is a leader in the design and construction of air filtering systems and plants for welding fume extraction. Filter media PES Polyester. The CFS Special Cyclone Filters are used in the suction and filtration of coarse grain dust, shavings, sawdust, metal powders.

The SPC Cyclones have two main uses: Reinforced flexible pipe with black nylon anti-crush spiral for temperature of max. Enforcing local antipoollution rules would help offset weak demand. At the same time the filter load losses are still limited.



Latest News South Africa considers setting up council of economic advisers. Almost total oil recovery and subsequent recycling is possible. SME confidence up, but not all plain sailing ahead – Business Partners. The FM modular filter unit is used in wood dust filtration.

The COMPACT electrostatic filter, thanks to its construction and its particular size, ensures excellent filtering efficiency, thus allowing the filtration of pollutants with particle sizes between 10 and 0.

The Evolution no-smoke self-supporting suction arm represents coraal best technical solution for the suction of welding smoke, gas, vapours, aerosol, oil fumes, dusts, etc. They are characterised by strength and solidity that guarantee a greater durability over time, in addition to being easy to use.


Coral Engineering Srl has an undisputed strong experience in the field of ecology and a successfully operating in compliance with the pollution of air, water and noise. Water Affairs takes Tshwane to court over waste water plants.

Suitable for the continuous sysyems of parts, even of large dimensions, the EURODRY dry paint spray booth comes with a standard double filter. Industrial fans are the main element in the industrial vacuum. Careened bag filter used in wood extraction and filtration systems. It is primarily aimed at small and medium-sized workshops. Wheeled dust separator for the suction of wood dust complete with thermal switch compliant to EC standards, a polyester filter bag, a plastic collection bag for each filter unit, three-phase, a steel fan.

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