: The Cuentos de Futbol Argentino (Spanish Edition) ( ) by Roberto Fontanarrosa, Eduardo Galeano, Osvaldo Soriano y otros. : Fútbol () by OSVALDO SORIANO and a great Soriano, Osvaldo Cuentos. Relatos épicos sobre un deporte que. Binarración y parodia en las tres primeras novelas de Osvaldo Soriano (Lewiston , NY Cuentos de fútbol argentino (Buenos Aires: Alfaguara, ).

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Osvaldo Soriano’s promising football career was cut short by injury, so he decided to become a journalist. Inhe published the original novel Triste solitario y final.

Osvaldo Soriano – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

When his work reached Argentina, inhe immediately became the country’s most widely read living author. On return from exile, having published four more books and several volumes of his best articles, Osvaldo Soriano’s writings became established as contemporary classics of Argentine literature.

His books have been translated into many languages, and some have been successfully adapted for the cinema.


En palabras del isvaldo The story’s historical background is based in the struggle between the left and right wing supporters of Juan Peron. In the small, fictional town of Colonia Vela, somewhere near Tandil, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina, a minor conspiracy escalates into a small scale civil war as everyone in tiny Colonia Vela chooses sides in the struggle.

Don Ignacio Fuentes, Deputy Mayor, is shocked when the Mayor approaches him with a request to fire his long time employee, Mateo. The charge against Mateo is that he is a Marxist Communist who has “infiltrated” the government.

Don Ignacio, knowing that Mateo like himself was a supporter of General Juan Peron during his exile, claims the charges are untrue and refuses the request. Ignacio is then also accused of being a Communist and asked to resign.

Cuentos de Futbol

Funny Dirty Little War Imdb. Skip to main content. He was always very consistent with his social, political and cultural attitudes. His books cuebtos wonderful pages – some that are true classics. His passion for football led him to write some truly memorable stories.


Soriano uses humour and the times in which the books are set very well. Bibliography Novel La hora sin sombra, El ojo de la patria, Cuarteles de invierno, Triste, solitario y final, Artistas, locos y criminales, Other genres Llamada internacional, Lettere fra Giovanni Arpino e Osvaldo Soriano, Arqueros, ilusionistas y goleadores, Piratas, fantamas y dinosaurios, Novel La hora sin sombra El ojo de la cueentos Andanzas del hijo de Butch Cassidy en la Patagonia Cuarteles de invierno Triste, solitario y final Artistas, locos y criminales Other genres Llamada internacional Lettere fra Giovanni Arpino e Osvaldo Soriano Arqueros, ilusionistas y goleadores Piratas, fantamas y dinosaurios ,