Perfect Brilliant Stillness – Alan Mann and David Carse. Full text of “Perfect Brilliant Stillness by David Carse Ebook”. See other formats. ” Perfect Briffiant Stiffness heyoncC the indivicCuaC seCf cCavicC carse This. I’m trying to get this book but it’s ridiculously expensive in EU. Seems to be out of print? Could anybody help me out find it somehow via PM.

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Mark as an Answer. Threads [ Previous Next ]. Perfect Brilliant Stillness by David Carse. I’m trying to get this book but it’s ridiculously expensive in EU. Seems to be out of print? Could anybody help me out find it somehow via PM, maybe sell me an old copy via post and I’ll pay for it.

Or is there an ebook version available anywhere? Couldn’t find the ebook so I’d be surprised if it exists. If you want the audiobook, though, I can help. That is quite strange–I have it on my Kindle, but the ebook doesn’t seem to be for sale anymore. As you indicated, only expensive used hard copies are now available at Amazon. It’s a shame, as it is probably my favorite book in this category. I’ve read it several times and it’s different each reading.

Perfect Brilliant Stillness

The audio edition is read by Terrance Stamp and is also outstanding. That could be an alternative.

I cannot count the number of times I’ve listened to it. If you’re patient, brillaint could try camelcamelcamel google that which is a price tracker for Amazon. It will tell you the moment a cheap copy is posted for sale.

Keep trying–it’s worth it. I should add, for anyone who has not read this book, that in my opionion, this is the most cogent and clear description of living from a non-dual perspective that I’ve come across–of what it must be like on a day-to-day basis.

Of course, I’m not one to judge it from that side, but there’s something about this book that continues to push me forward, year after year. I think I first heard about it on this forum, in fact.

Yeah it seems very cares and very helpful. I’ve read just a chapter on advaita. Just downloaded a free copy of the audiobook – with Terence Stamp reading it no less! Sorry to necro this, but I’m wondering if anyone else has discovered this amazing book through this post and wants to discuss it, or has read it previously and wants to share their thoughts about it.

Perfect Brilliant Stillness () by David Carse – Discussion –

I am listening to the audiobook, to be clear – something I never do, but am somehow finding immensely useful in this case. It makes it easy to go back 15 seconds and relisten to things, and Terence Stamp’s voice is great for this material. It’s good to have processes and practices, but I honestly think, for those who have some progress, books where the everyday experience of THIS IS IT are explained are going to be extremely useful.

I don’t honestly know of any others that are as clear as Carse, so I would be very thankful for anyone elses recommendations of other accounts along those lines. I’m about half way through and the little epiphanies are coming with regularity. Some things I’ve heard expressed elsewhere seem to finally resonate properly with me here. This morning there even seems to be what might be a permanent shift. Some of the thoughts I find compelling: This guys experience along with people like Eckhart Tolle, for example show that these experiences can just appear – for every person whose experiences match whatever maps we painstakingly make, or sign-posts we steadfastly cling to there are some for whom it just “happens”.


We won’t all go through every step on a map, or possibly ANY of them. I feel like I can abide in an acceptance of everything as it is today. I can’t think of a more clear way to say it than that. Not sure how long I can pull it off, but for the first time ever, after hearing his explanation I think I can give it a sporting try – like its a very real possibility.

It feels like such a relief – it feels “right”. This one comes with a beautiful, creamy warmth on my face and on the crown of my head that I have been enjoying for about an hour. It’s like being bathed in the light of the dharmakaya. What did you think?

Likewise I never listen to audiobooks. I’d much prefer to read the book though as the voice adds a sense of grandeur and mystery and when awakening is always this seemingly unattainable thing, for the seeker, I feel it’s not helpful. I tend to stay away from these discussions last few years because I am afraid naturally of adding more to the sense of self.

So as a disclaimer I may very well delete my post later and however silly it may sound, I find the less I feed self consciousness the better. When it comes to this, it seems that if you get stuck on “challenging” any dysfunction such as self consciousness, by eg. Better to give up entirely the game.

Those gears may not grind the same way for someone else, but it is still a massive waste of time. So reading Carse talk about this stillness is uplifting. Hmm, maybe this is the right direction after all? The path of Carse though, is more along the lines of Eckhart Tolle and many others. He lost himself in the jungle. It’s the classic story of giving up in a moment of crisis.

So to address more of your post. I don’t know when this one will end, I just thought writing a bit might kind of kindle the flames for me. Also I was shaking and it became annoying. Hi, I found this one in the Netherlands: It was pretty easy. I got two free downloads, I can give you a copy of Perfect Brilliant Stillness Audio version as a gift through Audible if you would like as one of my free downloads I prefer reading books to listening to them.

Let me know if you are interested and PM me your email address. I just noticed that AMAZON is selling books by Thanissaro Bhikkhu — all of which are downloadable, or can be gotten as actual books directly from him or a number of others who get them from him in bulk and distribute further, absolutely free — explicitly forbidding sale of them.

For instance, “The Shape of Suffering”, to simply download at: Than-Geoff books for sale True, by 3rd parties through Amazon. Though I’m still local, it just proved to be too much of a haul for me – and Lama Tharchin passed away so I didn’t have the connection to the place so much. That must have been a while ago. When I was 1st there the Lama had been gone a while.


And a gold bust of him in the meditation hall, almost as prominent as the gold Buddha himself, who had uncanny eyes that follow you around the room. Lama Yeshe founded Vajrapani. WHSmith won’t ship outside UK.

You can see how the names could be shillness. They always have been for me for whatever reason. Lama Yeshe was indeed cremated at Vajrapani, though that was well before my time. Apologies for any confusion caused. I actually emailed the publisher about a possible reprinting or other available copies of the stjllness and haven’t heard back. Still working my way through this book and am having some great insight about things I previously intellectually understood.

I did, however, wonder at the name “Vajrapani”, and the fact that from the descriptive material I saw, the meditation center near Boulder Creek had to do with specifically Mahayana dharma, not mentioning Vajrayana.

Perfect Brilliant Stillness Audiobook | David Carse |

Perfect Brilliant Sillness by David Carse. A couple of brief reviews on the book, with a response from David Carse that might interest some: Flag Please sign in to flag this as inappropriate. Ed Thanks for the dafid It looks like I could brilliamt the audiobook with the trial offer on Audible and then still have access to it without membership. Eavid book is worth making an exception, IMHO. I can see how that makes sense, though I somehow truly believe that, just as like attracts like, the discipline of sitting in emptiness is a pale shadow of THIS IS IT.

There are even times when sitting that the characteristics of the non-dual experience that I had color my experience. It’s as close to the membrane as we can get I think, and perhaps, “training” the mind prepares it for seeing things as they are.

If not, it makes perfetc feel better in this dream, and is now an enjoyable passtime. I mostly agree, but if I’m going to waste my time, I’m going to do it in an agreeable way.

Case keyword for me in the book is stillness. This is key to whatever shift Carse has helped me preciptate. Today is day two, and there is still this pervasive quiet to everything. I’m still trying to pick out what it is. One of the quotes he uses that struck me is something about how paths to enlightenment are like care, and that each time one is used it is thrown down – not useable for someone else.

His story is his ladder – we have ours. Can we really use his ladder I think we can only look for convergent practices that seem to help many and try them. Yet, my feeling is that meditation is working somehow – untangling the knots like a sgillness bath.

You sound like a good cat, I hope you don’t give up.