Deadly Obsession – Deadly Vices #1. Kristine Cayne. Publisher: Kristine Cayne. 1; 5; 0. Summary. When an Oscar-winning movie star meets a department-store. Results 1 – 8 of 8 Deadly Obsession: Deadly Vices Series Book 1 by Kristine Cayne and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. Since its launch in early January , Deadly Obsession has received several very good reviews. I’ll post them here for easy reference.

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This site, Kindle Users Forum is not affiliated or related to Amazon. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon. Why not create a free forum account today and join in with the world’s friendliest bunch of Kindle enthusiasts. Login Create a Free Kristien. Sep Thanked 0 times. Reviews of Deadly Obsession by Kristine Cayne.

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Subscribe to this thread Post Reply. Last Book I Read: Contemporary fiction, humour, mystery, thriller, SF Favourite eBooks: Sep Thanked 0 times What I Read. I’ll post them here for easy reference. What they don’t know is the man is alone and closed off from those that he loves due to his fame, his guilt and shame for acts in his youth and the stalker who threatens harm to any woman that gets close to him. Nic Lamoureux is a complex man who doesn’t trust many people and spends the majority of obseasion time being someone he’s not.

That changes when he meet the photographer who won a contest to conduct a photo shoot with Nic. Suddenly, he finds the one person that makes him feel complete and able to be the true Nic Lamoureux.

Lauren James is hoping the photo shoot with Nic Lamoureux will help open doors for her and advance her photography career. But she has a secret, she’s had a crush on her photo kristie since they were in high school together in Chicago. She hopes her crush doesn’t show, but she can’t help but be drawn to the man. Soon Nic is sweeping into her life and Lauren finds ddeadly falling for this adult version of the boy she loved and the object of Nic’s stalker who’s determined to get her out of the picture.

I loved Nic and Lauren. They were absolutely hot together and clearly the other half of each other. Both of them had emotional baggage they brought into their relationship that, at time, threatened what was developing between them. How either of them reacted to that baggage could have had the story and their likeability as a couple going either way, but Kristine Cayne gave us some emotionally charged scenes as they dealt with each issue. The stalker storyline was seriously creepy and kept me just as entertained as the romance between Nic and Lauren.

I figured out early who the stalker was, but the lengths that she went to was so totally creepy and horrifying that I was obsessin. The secondary cast of characters were great and Caynf hoping each one of them will get their own Deadly Vices story. An awesome read that has found it’s way on my list of books that I will definitely be rereading! Shnoogiepoo 4 stars After her husband lost his life fighting in Afghanistan, single mother Lauren James became an in-store photographer to make ends meet.

Nick Lamoureux is trapped in a world of his own making. I’ll post just one today and keep the rest for when things run a obsesxion dry I’ve italicized the reviewers personal comments beginning and end of review. The rest is a summary of the story. My eyes were glued to this book the whole time! The only time I stopped reading it is for bathroom and snack breaks.


Nic, the Lover, Lamoureux is a very popular movie star who has all the women falling at his feet. Kristinw is living his dreams making movies and lots of money, but Nic has been receiving messages from a stalker named NicsBitch. Nic has always lived his life in regret because of an accident that happened when he was a teenager.

One night he was playing video games with his friends when he needed to leave the house. His sister Rachel told him they needed to go and he told her he needed just ccayne more minutes and they would go.

While in a hurry driving, he crashed into a tree with his sister in the car.

Deadly Obsession (Deadly Vices, #1) by Kristine Cayne

It took the paramedics two hours to get her out. Nic has always felt like as if it was his fault. His father always blamed him and he felt like he deserved it. When Vivian and her husband David came along they made his wildest dream come true, to be an actor. Lauren James is an aspiring photographer that works at a department store to make ends meet so she can support her son Jason.

Lauren suffered a great loss when she lost her husband Todd to war. Ever since then she has lived alone After Todd’s death, Lauren started feeling resentment towards him because he made the decision to re-up with out talking to her first, and now he was dead.

She wore his dog obsesslon every day to remember what they once had. After winning the contest to shoot Nic, the Lover, Lauren is stoked. Nic shows up with his agent Vivian and agrees to let Lauren shoot him.

They both have an instant connection and attraction to each obsession. When the paparazzi show up Nic kisses Lauren because that’s what he does with all his “Paparazzi girls”, but Lauren is different. Nic makes another appointment with Lauren because he loves her ideas and he recognizes that she has genuine talent. The storyline of the stalker had me just as captured as the storyline of Nic and Lauren.

I love how their kristinee unfolds. Nic and Lauren both have a past they aren’t proud of deadoy have to confront it. While falling in love with each other they reveal and relinquish their pasts to one another. Deadly Obsession is a “Must Read” book! It has a great story line, and characters that you will think about way after you’ve read the book. The progression of the book is just right, it’s not too fast or too slow. It will leave you begging for more!

Kristine, you are a truly talented writer and it was a pleasure to read your book! When Nic “The Lover” Lamoureux, Hollywoods’ premier A-list actor and playboy, meets department store photographer and single mom Lauren James, the sparks fly and passion ignites.

Unfortunately, Nic is the object of many women’s desires including a dangerous stalker. Unable to stay away from Lauren due to his increasing feelings for her, Nic unwittingly puts Lauren into the stalkers’ sights and subsequently in danger. If these two want to have any chance at exploring a real relationship, the stalker’s identity must be discovered before something truly deadly happens to one, or both, of them.


Nic Lamoureux is used to the spotlight and the constant hassle of dealing with the infamous Hollywood paparazzi. Obsessino, it’s not really who he is. He draws on every bit of his incredible, Oscar-worthy acting skills to keep his private life a secret as he has many things he doesn’t want the masses knowing. Playing the carefree loverboy is almost easier than dealing deqdly the inner demons that haunt him and the crazy stalker that seems to know his every move.

He truly turns out to be a very sweet, loving, caring man who is fiercely loyal and protective of those he loves Lauren James is a widowed single mother who struggles to make ends meet as a department store photographer.

Reviews of Deadly Obsession by Kristine Cayne –

She has dreams of becoming a professional free-lance photographer one day and her big chance occurs when she wins a contest A professional photo shoot with none other than Nic The Lover.

As she comes to terms with her increasing desires and jristine for Nic, she manages to find strength and confidence and happiness again. She’s truly an inspiring leading lady that any woman could relate to and respect! Nic’s world is mainly a world of paparazzi, glamour, and constant tabloid headlines whether he’s on obsesion off the set.

But his private life is the complete opposite of his public image and the author has woven the two together seamlessly. Lauren’s world is that of a working single mother trying to do the best for her son while striving to make her own dreams come true.

All of these worlds come together to make an intriguing backdrop to a fascinating story.

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I will honestly say that this book truly surprised me in a very good way! I won a copy of it from the author through a giveaway that Shannon at Cocktails and Books was hosting. The synopsis sounded interesting but I’ve learned that most romance novels I read end up falling in the 3-star range or below. Not this one, however. It had me from the very first page and I truly didn’t want to put it down! The plot was intriguing, the world fascinating, and the characters and their interactions were awesome!

The only down-side to this book was that I had figured out who the stalker was way too soon. It would have been nice to have been kept guessing a little more before actually figuring it out. But, the book still was an incredible read. There were actually three perspectives in this book: Nic’s, Lauren’s, and the stalker’s. I really liked that because it gave me a glimpse into each person’s head and what their motivations and feelings were. And some of the stalker’s passages were very creepy but still felt so realistic!

But those that meet that criteria, if you’re looking for a really good romance novel with a solid plot and an edge, definitely check out this book! It’s really great to see that readers are connecting with the story! This review is from: Deadly Vices by Kristine Cayne.

I loved the book!!